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About Anaiya Pistis Sophia

"Self-Remembrance: The Birth of Sacred Relationship"


Anaiya is a wellspring of both wisdom and experience and is known for her role in birthing New Paradigm Relationships and Divinized Sexuality. 

Her unyielding passion is to help people transition from co-dependent relationships into a thriving union based on Love and Freedom, held within a holy sanctified container. 

To walk this path, one has to dissolve all forms of body and sex hatred and lift them up to the level of the soul in a holy prayer where the transfiguration happens in the body.  Slowly one step at a time we will experience the Path of the Royal Road, the Holy Journey from Yoni to Womb, from Lingam to Hara, from Sex to Sacred Union.

This union is based upon the transcendent and imminent aspects of our being, which focuses on the Love, Power and Wisdom that reside “In The Body”.  Her skills reside within the knowledge of the Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Bodies, culminating in an alchemical rebirth of quantum proportions. 

This work is streaming forth through the Feminine aspect of Christ Consciousness, which includes both the Tantric, Virgin and Mystical expressions represented by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Black Madonna.

Her books include: Open your Heart with Kundalini Yoga, Pilgrimage of Love, Womb Wisdom, Sacred Sexual Union, The Rose Knight and her latest book Divinized Sexuality. Anaiya lives in the Languedoc region of Southern France where she runs a Bed and Breakfast called AmmaRosa. Ammarosa can receive small groups and individuals who are interested in exploring Sacred France and her work. 


I'm sure you have been watching the news aghast in these last weeks, and now realize just how vulnerable and fragile the whole human race and a great deal of nature is at this extremely dangerous moment.  Times like this make us all aware of the absolute necessity of turning to the full potential within us to see ourselves, and all who live here in a world that is safe. 

Divinized Sexuality is the result of the complete blessing of the body and its desires into a Holy Communion and tantric adoration of the other. By healing all our sexual associations, our issues with masculine/feminine energy, our wounded ideas of manipulation and abuse, only then will we be able to seal in the energies that are coming to us. This is the most magical and holy of processes that can fuse together most quickly and most intensely matter and spirit and so participate in the great resurrection adventure at the heart of the second coming, the new Christ consciousness, the birth of the divine light in matter.

A Divinized Sexual being is not just radiating the divine presence but augmenting it, experiencing it in sacred relationship at the most edgy and incandescent levels, someone who is prepared to go to the depths of the mystery and the wonder of love, to the depths of desire to find that gold that can be lifted from that dark boiling cauldron and offer it to the service of the world.... This is the Pioneering Force that we are speaking of.  And this is what we shall hear, taste, feel, see and discuss during our gatherings!

Anyone who pioneers a new divine humanity will have to be sexual because how on Earth could they have the fuel for such an epic and tremendous and devastating and glorious and heartbreaking journey without divinized sexuality at its core? That's the force that lights the flame of the divine human and keeps the divine human's passion for the whole of reality experienced as the tantric beloved in all of its forms.

 Divinized Sexuality…where spirit and matter become one…And Birth the New Earth 




"Anaiya is such a ray of bright light! I feel so truly grateful for having met her and for everything she shared with me. She truly embodies her teachings and radiates that she is living them all day, every day.

I so love her honesty, integrity, humility and passion for life! It is so refreshing to meet a spiritual teacher who is not afraid to show her imperfections and to honestly talk about her dark side, which as we know resides in us all.  She is fun and yet truly real, practical as well as spiritual, deep and brilliantly humorous, wise and profoundly playful yet constantly centered in her loving heart. I recommend every single one of her workshops and retreats, as she powerfully and authentically creates a deep resonant space that is both loving, nurturing and safe".

"- Rhiannon Augenthaler