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About Pete Wilson

About Pete Wilson

I’m someone that writes in the first person, I’m “the guy next door” and I draw from my own experiences as my life and love is very much about “here” and “now”. My life is about Presence; calling myself back there and anyone else that wants to come with me. I care passionately about my own and our reunion with our deepest truths, building ways for ourselves to live as and from that depth. I am particularly interested and inspired to investigate, with my brothers how men’s journey home can be initiated, eased and encouraged. With joy, peace and beauty I believe there is hope. Hope for something we haven’t seen before but that we all know is waiting, just outside of what has been graspable…until now!

An Only Child to parents that divorced when I was 9 and a product of a Catholic Boy’s School education, at 18 I eventually joined The Grenadier Guards as an Infantry Soldier. I stayed for 14+ years serving amongst other places in Berlin, Northern Ireland, Northern Germany and Operation Desert Strom – the “First Gulf War”. On redundancy I moved with my Swedish wife to Stockholm where I opened, with two friends a successful Climbing gym www.karbin.com . After a messy divorce and separation from my two children I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark where amongst other things, worked in a climbing gym as manager www.copenhagenboulders.dk concurrently living in and managing a small spiritual/developmental/event centre www.joymagic.dk
On moving to Denmark’s second city, Aarhus I worked as a Handicapped Helper. Two years later, moving to rural Denmark, I took up the post of Residential Retreat Centre Administrator www.moenretreat.dk becoming host for many Spiritual and Developmental residential courses, festivals, retreats and workshops.

At present I live and love with Anaiya Sophia gaining inspiration from her, the hills and valleys of the foothills of the French Pyrenees – the last stronghold of The Cathars and The Knight’s Templar and a region not only steeped in history but clearly embodying The Divine Feminine.

I am very much looking forward to being Co-Facilitator on Couple’s Retreats and Facilitate Men’s Work. I am deeply passionate and excited about working together with other men to explore how we can support ourselves, other men and support women on their own journeys.