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Connecting With Your Inner Oracle

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Deep inside the Womb’s inner sanctum lives the voice of the Oracle, a primordial wisdom that is deeply profound and easily accessible.  Anaiya Sophia will guide you through the layers of consciousness that envelope the womb and its mysteries freeing your primordial awareness to explore and listen to your deepest wisdom.  The workbook that accompanies this guided journey helps you (or your partner) to craft and sculpt 3-6 questions that are asked of you whilst deep in a womb trance.

“The Oracle” is not a Priestess – but a place, and that place is your Primordial Womb.

Please clarify your 5 (max) questions before you go into this process.  Ask your friend or partner to whisper or gently speak them to you as you go into this altered state and RECORD your answers. Do not try to remember them or get your friend to interpret them. Record them into an IPod or other recording device.  Make sure the questions are crystal clear, sharp and well-defined. 

Guided Activation spoken by Anaiya Sophia.