New! Guided Activations spoken by Anaiya Sophia ­ Activations ­ Anaiya Sophia


New! Guided Activations spoken by Anaiya Sophia

NEW! Guided Activations £22 

Activations are Inner Ceremonies, rituals of potency that shift and ground the deep changes needed at this time.  An activation 'awakens your wisdom' and move you on towards the part of you that is 'the other side' of the issue/wound/crisis.

A Transmission on the other hand, is the receiving of frequency whilst in a deep and mystical state.  

Activation - An Enlivening and Freeing Experience

Transmisison - A deep and otherwordly journey

These activations are intended to help you move through the old encoded conditioning of Old Paradigm Relationship into the harmony and ease embedded within the field of Sacred Relationship. This preparatory Great Work is the alchemical signature that brings forth the new template of Sexuality, Relationship, Intimacy and Connection.  This is the Gift from the Sacred Mother.

Allocate a time and place where you will be undisturbed and resting in your own sacred space. Listen to the audio from start to finish and allow for time afterwards as you drift into a gateway where deep healing and transformation will be happening. Use these activations like a distant healing, engaging with the energies of transformation that may or may not include deep sleep.

This audio file can be listened to over and over again for a deeper and more potent experience. You will also get sent a PDF of the Ceremony. 

In Love,

Anaiya x