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Christos Sophia - Crystalline Rainbow Body of Light

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Christos Sophia - Crystalline Rainbow Body of Light

This heavenly scent has been soulfully designed to awaken and activate your Christos~Sophian Crystalline Rainbow Body of Light. This illuminated body of light holds within its matrix the electromagnetic celestial template of your Divine Blueprint. Divinely designed through the loving grace of Christos~Sophia at the birth of humanity, your Crystalline Rainbow Body is a living, breathing, multidimensional bridge of light and sound
frequencies that encompass and embody the inherent Christ qualities of your I Am Presence in full rapturous union with the Divine Mother and Father...

This spiraling lattice light of crystalline DNA is always working in harmony with your I Am Presence, communicating with your Soul to assimilate all of the lessons and truths that you are learning, helping you to evolve, shifting your physical, mental and emotional points of view...Through sacred sound and geometrical light infusions, the Crystalline Rainbow Body of Light Oil dynamically activates you on a cellular level... Beautiful crystalline seed points are inherently woven into the Divine Matrix of your physical body temple. As these crystal seed points are activated, they are opening channels to receiving the higher vibrational transmissions of light that are designed to propel us to the next
level of Divine Human Evolution and into living in the New Renaissance of Living Love.

This uplifting and blissful bouquet of scent is like walking through a Rose garden labyrinth sacredly created within an orchard filled with Sweet Orange, Neroli and Mandarin trees... I have also blended in a kiss and hug from one of my favorite natural perfume creations marrying Orange Blossom, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla; simply deliciously Divine...

Crystals and gemstones: quartz, rainbow opalite, and selenite. (Selenite dissolves in liquid to create an alchemical transmission to receive and to activate your inner biocrystalline energies.)