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Holy Sophia - OccitaniaAnnointing Oil

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Holy Sophia - OccitaniaAnnointing Oil

Three Fold Flame

Consecrated through a Full Moon Fire Ceremony, this temple essence is Blessed with a Divine Transmission of light as expressed through the grace of our most Holy Blessed Divine Mother Sophia. This sacred temple anointing oil is infused with the light codes and sacred geometry of the Three Fold Flame. During the fire ceremony, three essential oils were infused with the sacred light codes for each plume. Blue Lotus holds the alchemical transmission for the blue flame, representing Divine Will. The pink flame of Divine Love is infused with the fragrant scent of rose, and the golden plume of Sophia’s Wisdom is infused with the golden essence of frankincense.

The Holy Sophia Oil also contains 5 types of rose oil: Bulgarian White Rose (wildcrafted), Rose Absolute (organic), Tea Rose (organic), and Rose Otto (organic) to connect with the Five Petaled Rose. The Rose Line is infused with Frankincense, Blue Lotus, Pink Lotus, a kiss of Rose Geranium, and a drop of Myrrh. The three crystals contained within the bottle represent the Holy Trinity of the three plumes: one each of Rose Quartz, Blue Lapis, and Citrine, and each is infused with the essence of each flame...