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Mary Magdalene - Occitania Annointing Oil

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Mary Magdalene - Occitania Annointing Oil

The Way Of The Rose

Beloved Mary Magdalene, Bride of Yeshua, Temple Priestess trained in the ancient Egyptian art of aromatherapy, is also known as the Woman with the Alabaster Jar... During their Holy Marriage, Mary Magdalene anointed her beloved Royal Bridegroom, Yeshua, through the sacred ceremony of the Hieros Gamos... Mary Magdalene was Yeshua’s Divine Partner in every way as together they walked and taught the pathway of The Way of Love. Today, Beloved Mary Magdalene shares with us the wisdom of The Way of the Rose, the true blossoming of your rose heart in soulful union with the Beloved. As I created this sacred scent, Mary Magdalene’s essence permeated my senses. I felt her presence divining, directing each unguent that would dance within the harmonic bouquet of her sacred blend, calling forth the sacred ceremonial scents of Spikenard, Rose, Frankincense, Myrrh, Rose Geranium and Sandalwood... Beloved Mary asked me to individually place one drop of Pink and one drop of Blue Lotus into each bottle, she infusing her blessing of the Royal Marriage within.

Crystals included are rose quartz for Divine Love, a multifaceted crystal bead aligned with the energies of the crystalline grid of Christos~Sophian Living Light, and a ruby--to honor the Way of the Rose, the path that leads to the Beloved.