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Sarah - Divine Child  - Occitania Annointing Oil

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Sarah - Divine Child - Occitania Annointing Oil

Holy Blood Line

Beloved Sarah, Daughter of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, represents the Divine Child within each of us... Her birth signified and illuminated the holy grail within all family members of the Christos~Sophian lineage of Living Light. Sarah’s essence is the sweet smell of Morning Star Jasmine, reflecting the delicate beauty of our own inner child blossoming within the heart of Christos~Sophia Mother Father God... This sweet and rich scent is lovingly infused with the sacred sound and light codes of the Royal Bloodline Activation. This transformational essence awakens the inner biocrystalline lattice light matrix of your blood plasma, allowing Divine Energies to flow through your veins, creating celestial energetic pathways likened to rivers of Light within. Sarah’s fragrance is vibrant, rich and intoxicating... Sweetly layered with aromatic notes of Ancient Egyptian Jasmine, Jasmine Samboc, Rose of Sharon, Geranium Rose, Blood Orange, Frankincense, Champa Flower, a kiss of Rose, and more... Inspiring you to dream, stirring your imagination, this essence invites your inner Divine Child to dance among the stars...

Crystals: Gem quality multifaceted cut amethyst bead, bloodstone and clear quartz.