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Womb Love - Occitania Annointing Oil

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Womb Love - Occitania Annointing Oil

The enchanting essence of Womb Love invites you to enter into your most sacred self to experience the blossoming of your Holy Womb in Soulful Union with all of Creation. Blended with deep reverence for the sacred feminine, only the finest organic therapeutic grade essential oils live within the chalice of this soothing and healing alchemical infusion. Designed to enliven the creative fire within your Holy Womb,
through deep cellular healing, this essence opens the doorway to creating a deep and intimate connection with your luminous womb center...

This soulful and primordial aroma is infused with the deeply healing and nourishing essence of Gaia, the empress of nature, our Mother Earth. Emerald Cypress and Sweet Birch help you to release and transmute old energetic blockages that may have been experienced through past sexual trauma and unresolved
relationships... The prayer intention is to release all Karma, cords and ties to lovers of the past... Contains Ylang Ylang,
Yarrow, Calendula, Clary Sage, Ginger, Cinnamon... To help soothe and release suppressed inflammation and unhealed
memories within the cellular tissue of you womb. Releasing these memories helps your womb to connect to its source light as a creative force within the web of all Life.
The higher vibrational elixir of Frankincense, Rose and Rose Geranium saturates your womb sanctuary with Divine Heavenly
Mana, awakening the creative primordial fire deep within... As your womb is enlightened, it naturally begins to pulse in
harmony within the creative rhythmic energies of Beloved Sophia’s Galactic Womb, the place from which all Life is
Birthed... Here, you meet the inner wise woman within as you know yourself as Sophia, as the primordial Creatress giving
Birth to all things new...

Crystals, Crystal Clear Quartz, Moon Stone for regulating and harmonizing the feminine moon cycle, and Garnet for feminine