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Positive Life in Ireland

Positive Life in Ireland

Read Anaiya's article in ​Positive Life Magazine​: SACRED SEXUAL UNION – THE TANTRIC PATH OF THE BELOVED​

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Anaiya in May/June 2013 Issue of 11:11 Magazine

Anaiya in May/June 2013 Issue of 11:11 Magazine

Read Anaiya's article in 11:11 magazine: Sacred Union of the Lover and Beloved - click here

The Red and White Moon Cycles

In our “fast paced” life style women’s period cycles have gone haywire. What is the importance of menstruating with the new moon?

A woman who is healthy on every level (physical, emotional, sexual, mental and soulful) will naturally menstruate on the New Moon or Full Moon. The White Moon cycle is a menstrual cycle that bleeds during the New Moon, whereas the Red Moon cycle is one that bleeds during...
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What is a Woman's Magnetic Centre?

What is a woman’s magnetic ground? How can a woman activate her magnetic centre?

It is the feminine principle that consciously holds together the web of life, the interconnectedness of all existence. For a woman, the gender that generally carries more of the feminine principle, the energetic node that gives and receives from the Web of Life is inside the core of her womb, known as her magnetic ground.

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The Story of Sophia

Written by Rosamonde lkshvàku Miller

Copyright 2004 by Rosamonde Miller

The Gnostic Eucharist represents in ritual form the saga of the feminine principle of the Divine, her descent and imprisonment into matter, and her liberation and redemption not only of herself, but of all the sparks lost in darkness. While mainly based on the Gnostic mythology of the holy Sophia, it is liberally imbued with the Lurianic myth with my own experiences,...

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The Ancient Gender Wounds Part 3: Egypt

The Story of the Deceit and Denial in Ancient Egypt (Power/Sexuality)  

Listen to these stories on Anaiya’s “Wounds of Love” album

Once upon a time in the earliest days of ancient Egypt, a new era was being birthed based upon the principles of beauty, sensuality and a passionate celebration of the sacred/magical arts. Egypt was fast becoming a place where highly advanced souls were beginning to explore the world of...

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