"There she is..."

I didn't see it coming.
I really didn't...
or didn't want to believe this was possible.
I thought I was coming 
to walk this Land of The Cathars.
Walk into it
and all over it I did:
by day
and by night.
With each step
I fell in love with it.
Fell in love with the autumn smells,
the turning leaves,
the quietness
and the call of eagles.

There she is:
the one I didn't know
I was waiting for!
Didn't know
I was looking for...
all these lifetimes.
The Goddess
in woman form - 
my Mary Magdalen.
It was as if
my whole life
had trained me up
for this moment,
this seemingly innocent moment.
But nothing could have prepared me
for the way time slowed,
the way The Universe stopped in it's tracks
and the way the angels
were watching and waiting...

Seamless being,
seamless being but not as one being:
as two beings
beating as one
and from the very first eye-contact,
from the very first hug
holding and feeling held.
Warm and melting.
Strong and connected.
Connected to deep self
and connected to each other.

Since that first moment
our lives have seemed 
somehow proof
somehow encouragement... 
that we've been living the right way
and loving life not just through prayer
but walking as it.
Every new morning,
gratitude for the gifts we've been given
and every night 
gratitude for so many exquisite moments
and beautiful people.

Now each night
folds and sinks into sleep
warm and safe in each other's arms.
Now each morning
as I see the light in her eyes,
feel the love in her voice
and experience
the beauty
of living life
with a living Goddess.

I feel
deeply blessed
and gifted
to be living this life...

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"There she is..."

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