Cave-to-Cave ­ Anaiya Sophia



A parallel journey for Men and Women: Women with Anaiya safe in our house and Men with me sleeping and walking between some of the many caves and castles in this magical area in historic almost-forgotten corner of France.

Come and walk with me in our home in the verdant green beauty of historic pre-Pyrenean France...


Each day’s easy pace starts with a brew and sharing of what we saw in dream world the night before, what we’re feeling or what we thought about in the darkness. Introduction of the new day’s theme comes next before packing up and moving on. All is welcome. At some point each day, we’ll be down to a village to buy coffee, visit a real toilet (!), buy whatever food we wish, beer, wine, fill up water, get some French bread and share as a group over lunch what we have seen so far. On route each day will be some special place man-made or some natural phenomena, astounding views, hidden quaint French villages and a feeling of letting go of The Matrix for a while…

Equipment to bring...

To keep your costs down on Ryanair etc we'll supply the equipement you'll need: Rucksack, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, hydration system, cooker and gas, cooking vessel.

First and Last Supper together with the ladies in our home at Occitania:

There are no accommodation, food or drink charges!
Full Price £500 or £55 per day if you are only on part of the week

How to get here:

Ryanair fly to Carcassonne 1 hour by car (we can fetch you by car €60 per car load). Air France, Easyjet, BA etc fly to Toulouse 2 hours by car (we can fetch you by car €80 per car load)