An Invitation ­ Anaiya Sophia

An Invitation

Spit & Sawdust (Men Only) with Pete Wilson

“Non-spiritual” inner work for men

Blokes meeting and talking blokes’ stuff in a café. Nothing odd about that! Well, that’s the point. If it’s in a café, it’s not going to be “touchy/feely”. So it’s “safe”. A guy can arrive, stay or leave whenever he wants or needs. So there’s no time restriction. And as it’s in a public café, therefore there is no charge. So if you give anything, it’s by donation, afterwards via Paypal. So you don’t have to pay anything! So what’s the catch?

The catch is, we’ll be talking a lot about what’s going on inside us; our worries and our strengths too. We’ll of course be talking about relationships…to our current partners, those that have ended, those yet to come, between brothers and our inner relationship…with ourselves. For those with partners in Sacred Body Awakening with Anaiya, we’ll go into how she might come out changed, how to hold space for her…but without losing your own centre. We’ll talk about true strength no doubt and what it means to be a modern man.

Who am I

Me, Pete, I’m a man’s man. I’ve been a professional infantry soldier, worked with climbing and outdoor pursuits for or many years…But I’m also a woman’s man… through deep personal work and a drive for the deepest truths of my existence I’ve learnt that transparent and fearless honesty is a key feature of what a woman desires.