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The Gospel of Mary

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Meeting the Virgin Mary

Mother Mary is the Virgin aspect of the Great Mother. She embodies the most unimaginably heroic, passionate, forceful power that no amount of humiliation, oppression, tragedy or historical defeat could swerve her from.  Through her absolute surrender to the unfolding of her destiny she became one with the motherhood of God, uniting the depths of her humanity with the depths of the Divinity of the Mother. 

Her virginity has nothing to do with having sex or not. It represents an unsullied, vast cosmic love-fire that is the Sacred Feminine, complete in itself. This force will get through any obstacle; it will survive any attempt at pollution or manipulation. It is the fire force at the center of the universe that is virgin, and this woman has been, and still is honored by the heroic flame of that pure, indomitable, rapturous, powerful and creative love fire. This is the full virgin force — an aspect of the Divine feminine we are being hurtled towards.