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Over 100 Transmissions...

Receive the Oral Teachings of the Mary's Path.   
  • Wounds of Love - The Christ Initation of Sacred Love 
  • The Path of Sophia - The Mystical Path of Feminine Wisdom 
  • Christosophia - The Sacred/InnerMarriage
  • The Magdalene Codes - Awaken the Magdalene Body of Light 
  • The Rose Line - Connect with the Sacred Magdalene Sites of Southern France 
  • The Holy Bride - Activation of the Full Magdalene Presence in this current Age 
  • The Gospel of Mary - Living Memories to awaken your Christed Codes 
  • Temple Transmisisons - Awaken your Temple Codes 
  • Virgin Mysteries - Awaken your Madonna Codes and Birthing Alchemy 
  • Womb Mysteries - Unleash the Wisdon laying dormant in your Womb 
  • Sacred Gateways - Open the Sacred Anatomy of your female Sexuality 
All this work is spiralling from the Feminine Christ Path, with an intention for the unfolding to happen within the body through the active support of the sensory awareness and intelligence of the emotions and soul.

What Is A Transmission?

What Is A Transmission?

These transmissions contain the Oral Teachings of the Mary's Path.  They exist only to connect you with the Light-continuum (of the Father-Mother) and the Light-presence (Son) and the Light-power (Holy Spirit). For You Are a Person of Light who has comes from the Light-continuum, and who, in fact, has never departed from it; know and remember yourself in the Light, as the Light.

A transmission is transference of energy that is made up of light and activated codes. Through my voice and emotional tone I impart to you a ‘signal’ or broadcast that you can tune into. In turn, you can enter the realm I am ‘signalling’ from, as you retrieve fragmented aspects of your self, knowing that I am there with you, offering assistance and validating your experience.  The sacred gift of the storyteller is to open up ‘imaginary’ dimensions for others to feel and access.   In these transmissions this gift has evolved into a powerful redeeming force that activates the healing codes within you. 

You could also say that a transmission is an active distant healing.  We do not have to be together physically although we will be energetically connected by the Grace of our prayer.  When you sign up for a transmission you receive a PDF covering the particular quality of the transmission as well as an audio file of my voice leading you into the receptive state of consciousness (a little bit like a guided meditation). 

How To Receive

To receive this transformational process, all you need to do is simply sit in meditation or lie down open to receive at 7:45pm on an evening of your choice, WHEREVER YOU ARE in the world.

Please sit/lie in meditation for the whole hour, between 8pm and 9pm, staying still and undisturbed. You may lie down at any time if you wish, but please stay in a silent space. The Transmission usually comes in waves, so stay present.

Centre yourself, clear your mind, relax and become receptive and still. The transmission will begin at 8pm. 

Allow yourself - To Lert Go....


After the Transmission

After the Transmission, it is best to stay quiet and internal, as the transmission will be integrating deeper into your bodymind soul and nervous system. The quieter and more internal you stay afterwards, the deeper and quicker the healing will integrate. This process usually takes about 5 days. Notice how you feel in the days afterwards, and what shifts for you.

If you have any questions or feedback, or simply just want to say hello, it would be lovely to hear back from you.