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HER Remembering

HER Remembering - Taking The Whore Out Of Woman

Inside of Woman is an aching, longing vortex of spiralling availability to join with another.  For so long this infinite potential has not found a reciprocating ‘other’ in human form, mostly finding union only in nature or the inner realms. 

Taking The Whore (division/separation) Out Of Woman is the Mystery that permits this Sacred Intimacy to Know Itself.  This reservoir of unbridled yearning to connect is in the womb, and only a Wom(b)man can initiate such a primordial journey.

Every woman yearns to release the Web of Life through her. Like a spider her womb births ever deepening connectivity through intimate union and wordless realization with ‘another’. Her womb emits a gossamer thin web of light, filled with her experiences, being-ness and essence that map’s her path through life.  The more she can ‘touch’ the deeper her happiness, the more meaning her life.

This ‘web’ is what holds all of us together.  Without woman knowing and extending intimacy, there would be no connectivity within humans.

Woman knows this.  Woman ‘Is” this.

This week-long retreat is an invitation for us to live as "Womb(b)men", living in the Temple as a true and real sisterhood becomes born. 

When a Wom(b)man is resting deeply in her womb she simultaneously invites every women close to her to do the same.  Her presence is deeply magnetic and awakens the longing to belong.  In her magnetic field all ‘man-made’ fears are drawn to the surface to be freed and vaporised. At first this may feel fearful and over-whelming, as you know, that she knows.  Yet with breath, willingness and surrender her skilful essence will lead you to the other side of those fears.

In your togetherness with a wom(b)man she will lay you down in the vast ocean of the Mystery.  By breathing, rocking, sounding and holding she will draw you into the rhythmic field of the embodied Sacred Feminine.

With skilled and conscious hands she will penetrate the skin and enter the world of flesh – the living light filled matter just below the surface of the skin, felt as the oceanic elixir of pure being-ness.  She will touch every millimetre of you.  Every millimetre. With ease and knowingness, she will locate and enter the Inner Sanctum – that restless agitation of not being met, not being seen and not being held.  This is the “No Man’s Land” – quite simply because no man has been there.  This empty void is the non-inhabited ground between man and woman, the lost desert of love, the parched field of intimacy.


But wom(b)man knows where this place is, and she is desirous to reach there. 


With invisible and slender fingers and hands wom(b)man plunges into your great depths of existence. De-armouring, soothing, softening and extending the intimate ground – she quite simply unravels you.  Touching the inner sanctum, the pure virgin light, the place where you have almost given up hope – she meets you there.  Your ground of being literally burns with heat as she encourages you to open there.  Rekindling your faith and knowingness that your feelings were right all along - the light of your soul washes clean the empty abyss and nawing futility of being human.

Wom(b)man knows the rhythms and tones of awakening the flesh through sensuality.  She magically draws you into ecstasy; an ecstasy hat has no goal, expectation or end result. Endlessly enticing ever-increasing surrender, restored trust and impeccable presence she leaves your body tingling with aliveness and freshness. Not for one moment does she spill one drop of your liquid life force, expertly channelling its goodness into the mysterious depths of the awaiting intelligence of your untapped DNA.


Every part of you is engorged with orgasmic potential.


Somehow we have to find a way, a potential opening for this experience.  To drop into the space with another woman as we allow, allow and allow…And that is what this week promises... a real and deep intimate experience in a safe and conscious enviroment. 

A place we where can be:  

Free the Mind of Labels

Free the Tension of Conditioning

To Open the Field of Trust

So the Feminine can Awaken the Sacred Body


We cannot learn this, we can only live it...


If the wom(b)man is not present, it becomes yet another neo-tantric practise that deepens and strengthens the sexual identity only.  With the wom(b)man present, the whole being is turned inside, out. 


As Above, So Below.


Womb created Matter and can therefore call it back unto itself.  Wom(b)man will turn you inside out, freeing you from man-made tensions and disconnections. 


And in time, with regular emersions – you will simply stay that way.







  • Venue: Occitania, 2 Rue du Chemin des Rondes, Les Arnoulats, 11230, Puivert, Aude, France
  • Price: £890 includes Accommodation, Breakfast and Supper, Transportation all week. This does NOT include ​lunch or ​airport transfer - but we can arrange this for you for an extra charge.
  • Times: Begins 6pm, 29th September, and finsihes after breakfast on 6th October 
  • Nearest Airport:  Toulouse or Carcassonne (Ryan Air/BA/Easy Jet)