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The Magdalene Codes

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Invocation of the Holy Sophia

The Feast Day of the Holy Sophia, is celebrated in the Gnostic Calendar on the 8th September. This day commemorates the 'descent' of the Holy Sophia upon (within) Earth. The Virgo influence throughout the whole of September offers us a ‘catalysing moment’ to work alongside, within and as SOPHIA (wisdom). This month is going to be a potent time, with a possible existential impact. This transmission is the readying for such an event.

On Her Feast Day there shall be a transmission that carries within it a Ritual to recite our Sacred Utterances - To speak Her Holy Language. This is our Ceremony of "Re-Membering, how and why we must stand at this time, and to strengthen within us the volcanic presence needed as we say "We do not need, or seek any external power, authority or permission to acknowledge or recognise who we are, and what we have indisputable Faith in".

This is the Absolute Moment, when the Sacred Feminine declares Her Earthly presence within Herself, and no longer needs, believes or has any use for the Patriarchal world view.  It Is Over.  I release myself from the Old World, and step into the New in blinding and incorruptible Innocence. 

This is profoundly "Mystical Work' and includes a Ritual that may lead to Gnosis...