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Beloved Friends,

As I sit down to write this April Love Letter, my heart begins to pound. I feel as if I am stepping nakedly before you, finally unashamed to put voice to that which needs to be spoken.

During this Easter time, I am giving a deeper transmission to those of you who know you are on the Mary Path. This month I will be sharing an Oral Teaching to be inseminated one step at time as this ‘holiday’ period unfolds. Its purpose is to awaken an essential part of you, that we (you and I) promised we would show up for.

Let us begin here...

NEW! Her Remembering

The word "Gospel" means Hope. Therefore, we can read the Gospel of Mary, as the Hope of Mary. When you receive these transmissions - you will understand all.

This series of Oral Teachings are 'living memories' from the Holy Sanctum of the Mary Mysteries. These words will precisely touch and ignite your own codex of wisdom and the radical revelation you are here to embody in this lifetime.

Register Here for all seven transmissios - £133   Click here

Birth of a Mary

Full Moon, 11th April, 8pm - £22

Mary Magdalene began her ministry after a very profound and fully conscious catalysing event. Historically this was known as the Stoning of Mary - an event that birthed a turning point in Her life. Historically, this story is filled to the brim of awakened and restored faith in Her Self and the complete dissolution of all doubt.

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Anointed One

Wednesday 12th April, 8pm - £22

Traditionally this is the day when Mary Magdalene anointed Yeshua. Let us take this journey together, again, now.

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Sacred Kiss

Thursday 13th April, 8pm - £22

Traditionally this is the day of the Last Supper when Yeshua gave those gathered, a Kiss to catalyze their awakening. Let us take this journey together, again, now.

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Veronica's Veil

Friday 14th April, 8pm - £22

Traditionally this is the day of the Crucifixion and the moment when Veronica (maiden) intimately wiped the face of Yeshua (fully blown open initiate). Let us take this journey together, again, now.

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Meeting the Mystical Mary

Saturday 15th April, 8pm - £22

On this day (midway of the Crucifixion) let us meet the sacred intelligence of the one organizing and facilitating the true depth of the Transfiguration from matter into spirit. Let us meet the Mystical Revelation at the heart of Black Madonna.

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Resurrected One

Sunday 16th April, 8pm - £22

Traditionally this is the day of the Resurrection and the moment when Mary met Yeshua in his new form. Let us take this journey together, again, now.

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Her First & Last Transmission

New Moon, 26th April, 8pm - £22

These are Her first & last words, for you to hear at this time. There is nothing more I can say about this Oral Teaching. This is the Gospel (Hope) of Mary Magdalene. Either you sense it or you don't.

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NEW! Pandora's Box

Radical Conversations of a Revelatory Nature

A Series of 2 Online Talks with Anaiya

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Gnosis of Abandonment

Sunday, 16th April, 7pm CEST - £22

Beloved Friends, on this Easter Sunday I feel compelled to share with you the deeper meanings and sacred gifts contained within Abandonment. Traditionally, this is the day when Yeshua uttered those words - "Father why has Thou forsaken me?"… and the thunderous silence that came next - this is what we shall explore on this call. And, the understanding that Abandonment is the fiery trial that the Feminine faces when she says YES to going deeper into Sacred Union. What to find out the connection?

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Knowing When to Stop

Thursday, 20th April, 7pm CEST - £22

Beloved Friends, I have just gone through a radical transformation of self-initiation which I feel compelled to share with you. This live Zoom Call is not to support the part of you who wants change, but will sabotage it at the very last minute. But the part of you who knows its going to happen, and very soon. I wish to speak directly to the part of you, who is ready, willing and able to take this Leap of Faith. The transmission within this live call contains a potent code that will activate all that is needed to create the ripe circumstances for this monumental and well deserved change. It will also serve you through the transition and boost your faith in times of doubt.

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Art Medicine - Anaiya with Alexis Cohen

Join Anaiya and Alexis on 12th April as you
step into your creative power and heal the world

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Sacred Relationships:  The Practise of Intimate Erotic Love

Receive your copy here Click here

NEW! F**k Romance: Daring to go Deeper with Anaiya & Pete

F**K Romance:  Daring to go Deeper is the title of Anaiya's & Pete's new book and the interactive 13-week process for people who want to connect at every level with their partner and are Ready, Willing and Able to do the work of Love. 

This invitation to journey into Sacred Marriage is a call for ordinary people to make an extra-ordinary journey.  It takes tremendous courage and support to go deep.  Few people are aware, let alone able, to take the path into a true tantric union.  It is meeting place between two lovers who are able to become real, honest and able to withstand the Holy Fires of complete Transfiguration.

Requirements: A sacred container of absolute commitment. This is a one-to-one intense field of alchemy.

Who Is This For: Couples and Singles of every sexual preference

Possible End Result: A 'taste' of what is possible, a congruent glimpse at your own divinity and perfected internal Sacred Union. 

During this time you will be given:

  • His/Her/Their Perspective:  The Alchemy of 3
  • A Sacred Marriage Oath (with self, or with another)
  • Processes that marry your masculine/feminine and human/divine selves
  • Weekly Zoom calls with Anaiya & Pete (13 weeks) 
  • Feminine Support with Anaiya (email and zoom)
  • Masculine Support with Pete (email and zoom)
  • Entrance to a Sacred Marriage Community (FB forum)
  • Our full presence and love to support you through this 3-month vortex

For 3 Months we will walk you through the quagmire of "old" relationship into the New Dawn of what is possible between two people in Love, Truth and Freedom. 

Register Here Click here

The Mary's Path

9-Steps to Awaken and Embody the Mary Mysteries

Begin when you are ready... £144

Join Anaiya on a 9-week journey to embody and awaken the Mary Mysteries of Christ Consciousness. Rediscover Mary Magdalene, Virgin Mother and the Black Madonna in ways that you could never imagine.

  • Week 1: Discover the Mary Path. Who were the Mary's? What role did they play in the Christ Mysteries? Identify the Hallmarks of being on the Mary Path. Discover an opportunity to identify, dissolve and release distorting myths that we've inherited from the church, revealing a far more multi-dimensional view and prepare the ground upon which a real and direct connection with them can occur.
  • Week 2: Mary as Beloved. Discover the holy, erotic nature of the Magdalene and how she embodied the tantrik Mary
  • Week 3: Sacred Gateways. Unveil the Feminine Mysteries of the Royal Path. The awakening of the Sacred Body.
  • Week 4: Mary as Madonna: Discover the real Virgin Light Power of the Madonna.
  • Week 5: Immaculate Conception: Explore how you can immacutely conceive.
  • Week 6: Mary as Black Virgin: Discover the dark mother and the wrath of her dakini nature.
  • Week 7: Sacred Rage: Realise how this is the essential sacred birthing force for this time.
  • Week 8: Sacred Marriage: For you are the All, the Absolute and the Only. The Temple of Holy Love.
  • Week 9: Birth of the Divine Human: This Time. Right Here. Right Now. The invitation to BE As Above, So below.

Includes weekly Audio Calls, Transmissions and Practices.

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Sacred Gateways

Igniting the Divine Fire of a fully Awakened Woman

Begin when you are ready... £144

Let us take a journey that ignites the divine fire of your fully awakened potential.

There are nine psycho-physical portals that guard and guide the awakening of a woman's sacred sexual journey. This is the journey from the entrance of the yoni to the mystical feminine wisdom embedded within the womb. Every woman must take this journey at some stage in her life. For her sexual awakening is her spiritual becoming. The two go hand-in-hand.

Perhaps this is why the great depths contained within this journey are an essential part of the Mary Mysteries.


  • Mary Salome - The Entrance to the Temple: Lips of the Yoni
  • Mary Magdalene - The Royal Red Rose: Clitoris
  • Sara'h - The Fountain of Love: G-Spot
  • Lilith & Eve - The Caduceus: Cervix
  • Virgin Madonna - Twin Flames: Ovaries
  • Astarte - Sun and Moon: Fallopian Tubes
  • Black Madonna - Outer Sanctum: Entrance to the Womb
  • Asherah - Inner Sanctum: Gestation Spot
  • Holy Sophia - Holy of Holies: Veil between Spirit and Matter

Includes weekly Audio Calls, Transmissions and Practices.

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Mary Magdalene and her connection to Rennes les Chateau

Easter Good Friday, 14th April, 3-7pm

The Great Hall, Chateau St Ferriol, 11500, Aude, France

Join Anaiya Sophie in the Great Hall of Chateau St Ferriol for a presentation on Mary Magdalene and her connection to Rennes le Chateau

Register here Click here

NEW! Adventures: Sacred France

It is a great feeling to be able to invite you to our home, to live as we do - immersed in magic, drenched in wonder and inspired beyond belief. Whenever you gather with us – expect an Inner and Outer Journey of impressive vistas and speechless depths!

We Welcome You...

Grail Trails: An Outer and Inner Journey

£555 per person, Couple's price: £1000

Join us whilst we walk the hills and paths of Sacred France from There and Back Again. Where we live, there is an ancient network of centuries old pathways.  Some of them are known as the Sentier Cathare (Cathar Pathway), Sentier Jesus Magdalene (Jesus/Magdalene Pathway) and Sentier Bons Hommes (Pathway of the Good Man). 

During our adventure’s together we may sleep in caves, copses and chateaus.  Our Grail Trails are all-out adventures for those who love the mystery and are SO ready to receive it...

Read More and Register Here Click here

More Dates

Easter Sacred Tours

12th - 19th April, 2017
£890 per person
Couple's price: £1500

Where we live is an immense feminine vortex is a portal of transformation. A place where a life-changing experience can be guaranteed.

A real adventure that includes the outer discovery as well as the inner pilgrimage.

Let us show you what we have seen.  Let us lead where we have gone and let us go together into the unique and perfect place that our group will be take.

Possible Adventures:

  • Montsegur (last fortress of the Cathars)
  • Bugarach (sacred mountain)
  • Venus Temple (pentagram of Magdalene)
  • Cathar Initiation Caves
  • Mary's Baptismal Pool
Read more and Register here

Other Dates include:

  • 2nd – 9th May
  • 7th – 14th June
  • 24th – 31st July
  • 18th – 25th August

Sacred Body Awakening Training Programme

18th – 25th September, 2017
£1440 per person

Join Anaiya in her home in Southern France to receive the template and blessing of carrying Sacred Body Awakening out into the world.

After the wild success of sharing Sacred Body Awakening across the world with thousands of women, it is time to document and encode these teachings into an absorbable syllabus. My great vision is that Sacred Body Awakening becomes as 'normal' and as available as Yoga for both men, women and children. This, I suspect will be a one-time only opportunity.

Read more and Register here with a £480 deposit

Or... just simply stay with us as a B&B guest!

We have room for 11 guests – with or without our tailor-made Grail Trail Adventures!

Visit our Occitania pages - click here

AirBnB - click here - click here

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Love from an Independent Mystic of an Almost Forgotten Faith,


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