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Beloved Friends,

It is with great joy and ease that I sit down to write this March Love Letter.  Having a break was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long while. I am already beginning to feel renewed, alive and ever more loyal to the Mystery. My mind has become freed from the dramatic news stories and online ‘noise’ of uninteresting and often untrue propaganda. Instead I have been out most days caving, climbing and contemplating – just how lucky we are to be living in this mystical corner of Southern France. Everything I am most passion about is situated right here under my nose! 

Even within one month I can feel the stirrings of new growth – the words ‘direct revelation’ invigorate me.  In all the mystery schools, when the initiate is ready – a native substance is given to induce direct revelation, an initiation that confronts the student with the truth of their existence, the clarity of how well they have lived, and the knowing of what more needs to be done…

It is this kind of stuff that is turning me on these days!

Read on to discover more...

Sacred Gateways: The Whole Journey

Full Moon, 12th March,
8pm all time zones - £22

There are nine psycho-physical portals that guard and guide the awakening of a woman’s sacred sexual journey. This is the journey from the entrance of the yoni to the mystical memories embedded within her womb. Every woman must take this journey at some stage in her life. The great depths of this journey are part of the Mary Mysteries.

This transmission would serve:

  • Your complete sexual map for awakening
  • The activation of your entire sexual healing journey
  • Clearing your sexual past
  • Making your sexual self a Temple
  • Strengthening the health and vibrancy of your womb/yoni

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NEW! The Mary Mysteries

Over 100 Transmissions available...

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These activations are intended to help you move through the old encoded conditioning of Old Paradigm Relationship into harmony and ease embedded within the field of Sacred Relationship.  This work is three-fold: Self, Other, Divinity.

All Activations come with a PDF of the ceremony and spoken audio file.

Browse the full list of available Activations Click here

Sacred Creation - £22

Awakening the Forgotten and Creative Powers of the Masculine & Feminine.

The Priestess and the Priest worked together harmoniously to recreate Heaven on Earth. The Priest developed the IDEAS or VISIONS. The Priestess, possessing the SACRED MANIFESTATION POWER, made the visions take their shapes. The Priest developed the ideal, you might say - The Priestess made the ideal, real.

This is the power of manifestation. He was the architect, the engineer. She took what the concepts, and used her TRANSMITTING powers to create it in manifested form.

She knew how to wrap the energy around her, intertwine with it and link with it in such a way that she was inseparable from it. The High Priestess in each Temple had the gift of bringing into form what was needed there by those who lived there.

This is a glimpse of the New Paradigm and where we are heading. Please use this activation to awaken these energies within yourself and to also heal any emotions that do not trust or open to this way of working.


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Sacred Divorce: Dissolving of Vows - £22

This transmission is for those of us who know it is time to ‘sever the connections and cut the ties with another’.  This transmission would initiate the ‘beginning of the end’.  This Sacred Divorce Ritual is coming from the Magdalene Soul and carries with it the gravitas of Her authenticity and blessing.

This Transmission would bring about:

  • The Acknowledgement of the Gift & all you have given
  • The Humility and forgiveness of the ways you didn’t show up
  • The Courage to Let Go & bless the future
  • A Witness to uphold and support by your decisions
  • The Acknowledgement of what you are Leaving Behind
  • A surging sense of love, power and wisdom
  • Unquestionable Connection to the Sacred Feminine lineage – and the importance of you being able to respond with great authority to your knowing at this time
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Sacred Relationships:  The Practise of Intimate Erotic Love

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NEW! F**k Romance: Daring to go Deeper with Anaiya & Pete

F**K Romance:  Daring to go Deeper is the title of Anaiya's & Pete's new book and the interactive 13-week process for people who want to connect at every level with their partner and are Ready, Willing and Able to do the work of Love. 

This invitation to journey into Sacred Marriage is a call for ordinary people to make an extra-ordinary journey.  It takes tremendous courage and support to go deep.  Few people are aware, let alone able, to take the path into a true tantric union.  It is meeting place between two lovers who are able to become real, honest and able to withstand the Holy Fires of complete Transfiguration. 

Requirements: A sacred container of absolute commitment. This is a one-to-one intense field of alchemy.

Who Is This For: Couples and Singles of every sexual preference

Possible End Result: A 'taste' of what is possible, a congruent glimpse at your own divinity and perfected internal Sacred Union. 

During this time you will be given:

  • His/Her/Their Perspective:  The Alchemy of 3
  • A Sacred Marriage Oath (with self, or with another)
  • Processes that marry your masculine/feminine and human/divine selves
  • Weekly Zoom calls with Anaiya & Pete (13 weeks) 
  • Feminine Support with Anaiya (email and zoom)
  • Masculine Support with Pete (email and zoom)
  • Entrance to a Sacred Marriage Community (FB forum)
  • Our full presence and love to support you through this 3-month vortex

For 3 Months from Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice we will walk you through the quagmire of "old" relationship into the New Dawn of what is possible between two people in Love, Truth and Freedom. 


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Mary Magdalene and her connection to Rennes les Chateau

Easter Good Friday, 14th April, 3-7pm

The Great Hall, Chateau St Ferriol, 11500, Aude, France

Join Anaiya Sophie in the Great Hall of Chateau St Ferriol for a presentation on Mary Magdalene and her connection to Rennes le Chateau

Anaiya Sophia will  unravel and lead us through the legends and myths surrounding Mary Magdalene and her journeys in and around the Rennes Plateau.  Anaiya is a natural storyteller and will bring the Magdalene Mysteries to life in a way that men and women can not only hear, but also really feel their meanings. 

After the presentation in the great hall the group will divide into men and women.  The men will walk out with Pete Wilson onto the Rennes Plateau to explore the Magdalene Cave while Anaiya will stay at home with the women to explore the deeper meanings of:

  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Sacred Feminine
  • Sacred Marriage

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NEW! Darkness Retreat & Sacred Tea Ceremony

28th – 30th April, Shekinashram, Glastonbury, UK

What is it that drives people into the dark?  Initiation. All initiations into the mysteries of life have traditionally taken place in dark spaces. The Orphic Rituals of ancient Greece, the rebirth rites of ancient Egypt and the resurrection mysteries of Gnostic Christianity ALL take place in dark spaces. And most often over a 3-day period.

For two days we shall gather together as a community for four dark dives, with silent breaks in-between.  This weekend would serve as an invaluable introduction to their deeper work in the South of France, where they have access to ancient initiation caves providing a much longer duration.

Sacred Tea Ceremony

On the Saturday night we will transition deeper still into a sanctuary out of time and space. Entering the Tea Temple - a place to relax, regenerate, and reclaim your center. It is a place to come into contact with your inner Self, the Divine Mystery, the spark of your unique inner creative fire of life.  Our temple is a place to meet Essence of life and true tea (camellia sinuses and assamica), from pure land and sacred mountains. True living tea is a natural medicine to guide you home.  What we offer is a profound and deep experience of tea, self and the song of the world around you. These teas rejuvenate, restore, heal and revitalize the system, they are a true gift from creator, to heal human beings.….come drink with us and let life drink you.

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NEW! Adventures: Sacred France

It is a great feeling to be able to invite you to our home, to live as we do - immersed in magic, drenched in wonder and inspired beyond belief. Whenever you gather with us – expect an Inner and Outer Journey of impressive vistas and speechless depths!

We Welcome You...

Grail Trails: An Outer and Inner Journey

Join us whilst we walk the hills and paths of Sacred France from There and Back Again. Where we live, there is an ancient network of centuries old pathways.  Some of them are known as the Sentier Cathare (Cathar Pathway), Sentier Jesus Magdalene (Jesus/Magdalene Pathway) and Sentier Bons Hommes (Pathway of the Good Man). 

During our adventure’s together we may sleep in caves, copses and chateaus.  Our Grail Trails are all-out adventures for those who love the mystery and are SO ready to receive it...

  • Spring Grail Trail, 11th – 18th March
  • Jesus Magdalene Grail Trail, 12th-19th May
  • Cathar Pathway Grail Trail 30th June – 7th July
  • The Bons Hommes Grail Trail 7th – 14th August
  • Jesus Magdalene Grail Trail 7th – 14th September
  • Cathar Pathway Grail Trail 7th – 14th October

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Spring Grail Trail

11th - 18th March, 2017
£555 per person
Couple's price: £1000

Let us show you what we have seen in the hills and valleys of our beloved home in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Let us lead where we have gone and let us go together into the unique and perfect place that our group will be taken.

Use this time to contemplate, reflect and heal. As we walk, we talk, (at times) - and at other times we roam in silence. Every day we will raise a theme that encourages a deeper awareness and an expanded peace.

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Easter Sacred Tours

12th - 19th April, 2017
£890 per person
Couple's price: £1500

Where we live is an immense feminine vortex is a portal of transformation. A place where a life-changing experience can be guaranteed.

A real adventure that includes the outer discovery as well as the inner pilgrimage.

Let us show you what we have seen.  Let us lead where we have gone and let us go together into the unique and perfect place that our group will be take.

Possible Adventures:

  • Montsegur (last fortress of the Cathars)
  • Bugarach (sacred mountain)
  • Venus Temple (pentagram of Magdalene)
  • Cathar Initiation Caves
  • Mary's Baptismal Pool
Read more and Register here

Or... just simply stay with us as a B&B guest!

We have room for 11 guests – with or without our tailor-made Grail Trail Adventures!

Visit our Occitania pages - click here

AirBnB - click here - click here

Pete's Piece: for the Men

We…are so stoked! The season’s guests have started to come to our beautiful home here in a very verdant, secret France, and we want you to know why they come and how come we got stuck here. Come and find out why we love this region so much and how come we got “stuck” here, together…

Wilson’s Way

Wilson's Way is a series of day walks, with us, in the hills and valleys of our beloved home in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Let us show you what we have seen. Use this time to contemplate, reflect and heal. As we walk, we talk (at times) - and at other times we roam in silence. Every day we will raise a theme that encourages a deeper awareness and an expanded peace. Each day is created with exactly those here with us in mind and their needs as opposed to a “standard program”.

Read more and register here

Facebook event - click here

F**k “Romance”: daring to go deeper

F**k “Romance”: daring to go deeper is the title of Anaiya & Pete’s upcoming book and the interactive 13-week process for people who want to connect at every level either internally and/or with their partner. This is a process not for the fainthearted, participants need to be Ready, Willing and Able to do the work of love. F**k “Romance”… will leave you nodding, laughing and relieved as we journey with you through those typical situations that are designed to trip us up and test our commitment Why? Because the frequency and quality of love that really inspires is the frequency that galvanizes us into doing and being something and someone new and become and be something new we need to let go of a few old ways.

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Facebook event - click here

Easter Sacred Tours

Our Easter Sacred Tour is all about living as we do - immersed in magic, drenched in wonder and inspired beyond belief. We live in the Cathar Heartlands of Southern France, home of the Mary Mysteries and land of Grail Legends.

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Latest Interviews

Inner Peace Summit: 11th March – 10th April

Join Anaiya on the Inner Peace Summit a FREE online event from 11th March – 10th April

Click here

Manifesting Life Purpose & Relationships FREE Seminar - March 19th

Join Melissa Lily and Anaiya Sophia (March 19th) for this FREE online Summit:

  • Law of Attraction and Raising Our Vibration with Joy and Gratitude
  • Beliefs and Creating a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Aligning with our Soul, Source and Divine Guidance

There are lots of tips that are easy to integrate, and also the deeper personal transformation work. All of which open your floodgates of manifesting your life purpose and loving relationships!

Click here to register

Video Snippets

Knowing When to Stop

A lil video snippet of the process Anaiya went through as she grappled with knowing that a part of life was complete, and worrying about how she would survive – and eventually reaching that end point …. of stopping and taking the Leap of Faith

Click here to watch

F**k Romance - Daring to Go Deeper

Anaiya and Pete talk about F**k Romance

Click here to watch

You have an open mind.
You have varied interests.
You have read interesting books.
You have met interesting people.
You have had enlightening experiences, and yet the question remains:

Do you know who you are, where you have come from and where you are going?


Beloved Friends, I send you all so much love and cannot wait to interact with you again. I miss you deeply,

Anaiya & Pete

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