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Beloved Friends,

It's been 7 years since I 'emerged' as Anaiya Sophia and truly celebrated Sacred Feminine Wisdom through my website. Before that I was known as Siri Datta, a fully-fledged Kundalini Yoga teacher. Now, it feels absolutely right to share the incredible journey I have been on, by merging all that I have ever been into ONE fully embodied, mystical yogini devoted to Truth, Beauty and Joy! Expect Sacred Feminine Mystical Kundalini master-classes to pop up in a yoga studio near you soon!

In the meantime: Lets Retrieve, Remember & Reveal…

NEW! Transmissions

Radiant Gnosis

have travelled far together as we exposed the Sacred Heart, wept and celebrated as we opened the Holy Body, and now I believe it is time to turn our attention to the Radiant Mind to receive the Light of Gnosis.

Like many of you, I have come across many varieties of plant medicine that open the mind and release limited perception. Are we also aware this cherished mystical (to conceal) state can be revealed by Gnostic (to know) illumination? That is it possible to penetrate the deep mind and its ability to 'touch' indescribable truths and immersive grace, without an external initiatory agent?

May our minds be opened by the tender, ruthless grace of Wisdom.

Kiss of the Crone

Full Moon, 10th May, 8pm - £22

Ooo beloved friends on this Full Moon let’s meet the Crone. With great respect and pounding heart lets walk into the dark embrace of a cave, to meet a fully palpable, utterly undeniable fully-fledged Crone and receive her deep and penetrating Kiss of Gnosis… (I am sweating just writing this…)

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Sara’h: Gnosis of the Dark One

24th May, 8pm - £22

On Sara'h's Feast Day let's open to receive her Mystical Wisdom. The word mystic means to 'conceal'. Is Sara'h, Mary Magdalene's flesh and blood daughter, or is she the Word of God(dess)? Or is she Both? What was/is it that Mary carries in her womb?

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Nameless Heroes: Day of Ascension

New Moon, 25th May, 8pm - £22

Today is Ascension Day – the 40th day after Easter, when Jesus was said to ascend.  As Gnostic’s we are here to retrieve our Lost Sparks, to be active and aware as we minister our sacraments.

This Oral Transmission opens a sacred space for unrecognized souls to receive their Day of Ascension by speaking their name into the Light. Let us anoint the Nameless Heroes that have given their lives to causes our soul cherishes.

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NEW! Pandora's Box

Radical Conversations of a Revelatory Nature

A Series of Online Talks with Anaiya

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Spiritual Disobedience

Sunday, 14th May, 7pm CEST - £22

Beloved Friends, lets open a must-have conversation on our private and secretive relationship with our shadow. Lets put word to our tweaking, tampering and meddling vs. our humble, vigilant self-mastery that can avert its gaze and 'not look back'. Lets bring in the Spirit of Wisdom, who Herself knows this tendency.

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NEW! Oral Teachings

Sophia Mysteries: 9-week Practicum into the Oral Codex of Wisdom

Begins 25th May, 7pm, CEST

This body of work will take us on a journey into the 'story' of Sophia, the feminine principle of the Divine, her descent and imprisonment into matter, and her liberation and redemption not only of herself, but of all the sparks lost in darkness.

My burning intention is to introduce you to Sophia - not as some female apparition of the Goddess, but as a stream of incorruptible wisdom. She is the Light of Gnosis, the touch of Grace that awakens Knowingness.

Week-by-week we absorb the Story of Sophia reviving our own understanding of who we are, where we came from and where we are going. As we re-live Sophia's story, we undergo our own. Naming and confronting the powers that have been invisibly and covertly shaping and subtlety manoeuvring us from behind the veil since the beginning of time.

This gnostic tradition is the lineage to which Mary Magdalene, and all Mary's quietly and endlessly served. If you ever wished to meet the Mary's teacher - you would find Her here


  • The Revealing of your Radiant Mind
  • The Receiving of this Wisdom Codex
  • The Opening of your Spirit to Sophia (wisdom)
  • The Retrieval of your Lost Sparks
  • The Thirst for Gnosis
  • The Consolation of Truth
  • The Activation of your Ministry

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NEW! Oracle of Wisdom

Smite of Knowing

Sunday, 28th May, 7pm CEST, £22

This level of ministering is a deep penetration into Oracular Tutelage. This quality of understanding is unutterable. This isn't so much a conversation but comforting confrontation with existence.

Beloved Friends, if you have taken the Red Pill and fallen down the Rabbit Hole, you will know how you receive the Smite of Knowing. A spiritual scar, smear or blemish, which simply does not go away. Let us be comforted by this confrontation and receive and retrieve solace from the Wisdom this brings.

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NEW! Come Stay with Us in Sacred France

It is a great feeling to be able to invite you to our home, to live as we do - immersed in magic, drenched in wonder and inspired beyond belief. Whenever you gather with us – expect an Inner and Outer Journey of impressive vistas and speechless depths!

We Welcome You...

Wilson's Way Grail Trails

£555 per person, Couple's price: £1000

Join us whilst we walk the hills and paths of Sacred France from There and Back Again. Where we live, there is an ancient network of centuries old pathways.  Some of them are known as the Sentier Cathare (Cathar Pathway), Sentier Jesus Magdalene (Jesus/Magdalene Pathway) and Sentier Bons Hommes (Pathway of the Good Man). 

During our adventure’s together we may sleep in caves, copses and chateaus.  Our Grail Trails are all-out adventures for those who love the mystery and are SO ready to receive it...

Read More and Register Here Click here

More Dates

Sacred Tours

7th - 14th June, 2017
£890 per person
Couple's price: £1500

Where we live is an immense feminine vortex is a portal of transformation. A place where a life-changing experience can be guaranteed.

A real adventure that includes the outer discovery as well as the inner pilgrimage.

Let us show you what we have seen.  Let us lead where we have gone and let us go together into the unique and perfect place that our group will be take.

Possible Adventures:

  • Montsegur (last fortress of the Cathars)
  • Bugarach (sacred mountain)
  • Venus Temple (pentagram of Magdalene)
  • Cathar Initiation Caves
  • Mary's Baptismal Pool
Read more and Register here

Other Dates include:

  • 24th – 31st July
  • 18th – 25th August

Sacred Body Awakening Training Programme

18th – 25th September, 2017
£1440 per person

Join Anaiya in her home in Southern France to receive the template and blessing of carrying Sacred Body Awakening out into the world.

After the wild success of sharing Sacred Body Awakening across the world with thousands of women, it is time to document and encode these teachings into an absorbable syllabus. My great vision is that Sacred Body Awakening becomes as 'normal' and as available as Yoga for both men, women and children. This, I suspect will be a one-time only opportunity.

Read more and Register here with a £480 deposit

Or... just simply stay with us as a B&B guest!

We have room for 11 guests – with or without our tailor-made Grail Trail Adventures!

Visit our Occitania pages - click here

AirBnB - click here - click here

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Latest Summits

Free Online Event: The Radical Sacred Life

Been betrayed, feel lost or anxious? Join Anaiya and host Michelle Paiva for this FREE summit for women over 35 and anyone else who might have had trauma, unique transitions or experiences, and who desires increased support for healing, increasing intuition or experiencing love.

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Free Online Event: Body Awakening Series

Join Anaiya and host Alexandra Montfort for this FREE series focussing on body connection, self esteem and sexual awakening.

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Video Snippets

Who Am I (now)?

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Kundalini Yoga: Shiva/Shakti Ecstatic Meditation

Anaiya shares one of her "Inner Marriage" techniques. Taken from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga - she reveals just how real these experiences actually are! Enjoy Beloved Friends!

Click here to watch
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Latest Articles

Ritual for Releasing Attachments to the Ovaries

Beloved Ladies, I feel to send you this Ritual that I pieced together in the past for what I felt was an effective process in releasing my father from my ovaries and clearing myself of cysts...

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Beloved Friends, I am 47 and the happiest I have ever been,

And I openly share this with you,


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