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Beloved Friends,

WELCOME to my March Love Letter.

This month I am mostly in the UK with an Introduction to the Mary's Path in London Alternatives and a Fierce, Fierce Feminine in Glastonbury's Shekinashram. Pete is also with me, offering men's gatherings at the same time. Yay! Come and Meet Us!

This month:




Receive a 12-month Temple Pass to all past and forthcoming Transmissions and Activations for a one-time payment of £144. This means you could receive all of this year's NEW work, and everything I have ever created.


From My Soul to Yours:



Gospel of Mary

I have never shared this before... Back in 2015 I started to speak what felt like the memories, not only of Mary Magdalene, but many other eye witness accounts of that time including Veronica and John the Baptist. This infusion of energy tied in with my journey to Israel and my pilgrimage to as many Mary sites as possible. I was, and still am, rather reluctant to say I was 'channelling' but rather prefer to use the term 'allowing' the spirit to come through me. And this spirit, I call the Feminine Christ, made up at that time of the female disciples that initiated the Christed Teachings on Earth.

Today, as Easter approaches ... I lift my head, heart and soul to the sun and say...

"Yes. I Spoke".

This journey was taken with a companion, who would whisper to me at the end of the day.... please tell me another story.

And I did. And we would both cry, because of Grace.

Here are those stories….I thought this would be a perfect way to approach Easter.


Birth of a Mary

2nd March, 8pm - £11

Read more and register here:


The Anointed One

9th March, 8pm - £11

Read more and register here:


The Sacred Kiss

16th March, 8pm - £11

Read more and register here:


Veronica's Veil

23rd March, 8pm - £11

Read more and register here:


Resurrected One

Good Friday

30th March, 8pm - £11

Read more and register here:


Receive All 5 Transmissions


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Ancient Alchemy

Welcome to a NEW series of transmissions streaming through our ancient myths and the initiatory doorways they offer us.


Opening the Door

New Moon

17th March, 8pm - £11

This transmission is taken from the story of Bluebeard, and the forbidden door that stands before our empowerment and full realization. This transmission would serve as a supportive guide towards that which you fear the most, and the bravery needed to confront it. A human voice, escorting you through known territory, past the threats and condemnations of the predator, towards that which is rightfully yours.

Read more and register here:


Fierce Grace

Spring Equinox

20th March, 8pm - £11

This transmission is taken from the story of Bluebeard, and the forbidden door that stands before our empowerment and full realization. This transmission would serve as a supportive guide towards that which you fear the most, and the bravery needed to confront it. A human voice, escorting you through known territory, past the threats and condemnations of the predator, towards that which is rightfully yours.

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Sacred Divorce Ceremony: Release of Relationship


This is a "Release of Relationship" ritual and came be done at any time. It is a powerful ceremony that can be done by yourself or with both if the two agree. If with two, they face each other and alternately repeat each phrase. It can also be adapted to end relations with family members, friends, etc. where one or more desire a parting of ways. Members of the family and guests are welcome to be present at this ritual, but it can also be done in private.

This ritual can also be done within a relationship to make a clean break with harmful patterns of the past and before renewal of vows.

Read more and register here:


Module III

Permission and Power to Speak Up as a Woman - £333

Starts Spring Equinox - Tuesday 20th March 2018, 9pm CET


Permission and Power to Speak Up as a Woman is an Oral Teaching that includes the 9 Fierce Feminine Transmissions, weekly live calls (and recording's) and suggested practices.

If the masculine expression of humanity reached its brilliance with the splitting of the atom ... what will the balanced response be from the feminine?

The splitting of the atom led to the discovery of nuclear power which resulted in the creation of the nuclear bomb. In order for our world to survive, we have to reach for this answer, and the ability to action on it.

When a woman gives herself the permission to access her forbidden feminine powers and speak on Her behalf she purges herself from the Patriarchal tendency to not only abuse herself, others and the natural world, but bring everything She loves to the edge of extinction. This 9-step Embodiment Process allows us to see behind the forbidden door, as well as to urgently highlight where and how we are feeding the horrors of our age. This full powered and supremely inspiring process will address the many challenges that stand in our way and inner alchemy to overcome them.

Read more and register here:




Pandora's Box
Radical Conversations of a Revelatory Nature

Pandora's Box is a series of live (and recorded) uncomfortable conversations around subjects are often avoided and denied. These talks name the elephant in the room, rock the boat and kick you off the fence. Why? Because we simply can't continue on as we are anymore…


Light and Dark Rivers

21st march, 9pm CEST - £11

The union of the Light and Dark rivers of the feminine is the medicine we most hunger for in this moment of our evolution. We are sick and tired of stasis, remaining the same, not getting anywhere.

The Dark River as she flows will open us to gnosis, revelation and wild ecstatic freedom. Many people hold back, fearing these dark waters will tip them over the edge, and they will become too wild, too ferocious and unpredictable. This is the voice of fear that will always keep you from her.

The Light River seduces our soul, as she pours us into the secret Rumi-heart, bringing us into contact with our unspeakable purity and worship as we drown in devotion at what we find there. The Dark River loosens up our mind, shakes off our mask, vivifies our sacred purpose, and makes real our soul memories and your reason for being here.

As the two rivers come into contact and merge in the psyche, the long-awaited union explodes the body, heart, mind into a third and currently unknown new being. Something the patriarchy has feared for a very long time, but the Sacred Masculine patiently longs and delights after.

All Talks are recorded and a copy sent the day after.

Read more and register here:



The Marys Path

Saturday 24th March 2018 at Alternatives, London

Join author and mystic Anaiya Sophia, as shares her wisdom on the 3-steps we must take if we are to awaken and embody the Mystery of the Mary's. Interestingly enough, the movie Mary Magdalene hits the screens on 16th March, and so, this timely next step is perfect for the continuation of this unprecedented awakening.

Let us discover the secret teachings of the Sacred Feminine in the Christ Path as personified by the 'real' Mary's. Mary the Tantrika, Mary the Virgin Mother and Mary the Mystic, and how their mysteries are part of a feminine gnostic lineage that goes way back to the beginning of time, and beyond.

This workshop will include some breath work, bodily movement, prayer, chanting and gnosis.

This workshop welcomes men and women.

Read more and register here:


7 Steps of Ignite Your Fierce Feminine

Sunday 25th March, at Shekinashram, Glastonbury - £55

Join Anaiya as we journey into our immense power to stand against injustice, denial and control. The Fierce Feminine stands on her own terms. She is the creative force that embodies peace, justice, mercy, and love.

She is the new wave of feminism rising up through every woman and man whose heart is breaking over the state of the world...

During this workshop, we shall be working with the 7 Permissions needed to welcome in this energy, 7 Powers to ground its strength, and 7 personal blessings needed to Speak Up once the embodiment process begins. Expect to hear about sexual and spiritual predators, false teachings and teachers, how to pull the plug on abusive partners and the mechanics behind narcissism and psychopaths. It's going to wild, and graceful. NOTE… this workshop shall not only end, but ground in LOVE.

This workshop is for Men and Women.

Read more and register here:



Sacred France: Passion of Easter

29th March - 2nd April, Occitania, France

It is a great feeling to be able to invite you to our home, a place immersed in magic, drenched in wonder and inspiring beyond belief. We live in the Cathar Heartlands of Southern France, home of the Mary Mysteries and land of Grail Legends.

This immense feminine vortex is a portal of transformation. A place where a life-changing experience can always be guaranteed.

Possible Adventures:

  • Montsegur (last fortress of the Cathars)
  • Bugarach (sacred mountain)
  • Venus Temple (pentagram of the Magdalene)
  • Cathar Initiation Caves
  • Mary's Baptismal Pool

During this week Anaiya and Pete will weave all their skills in this inner/outer immersion together. Sacred Body Awakening, Sacred Marriage, Relational Understanding, Womb Wisdom, Men's Work, Kundalini Yoga, Sleeping Overnight in Caves, hikes along ancient Cathar paths, prayer and meditation, joy and laughter and plenty of spontaneous magic are all on the menu.

Read more and register here for a memorable Easter:


The Lost Sites of Mary Magdalene

5th - 12th June, Occitania, France

Join and Anaiya in their home in Southern France where they will take you on an inner and outer journey. This precious time together will reveal the more hidden secrets and sites of Mary Magdalene found only in this region.

Our week together will be an inner and outer Grail Quest. Taking into consideration the kinds of spaces you will need in order to process and integrate Her vast wisdom.

I really is my honour to share this with you.

Read more and register here for a memorable Easter:


Pete's Piece

Things going on for guys

We've got a variety of talks in UK and in-house retreats in our home in France, specifically aimed at the men. To get them involved. To get them in the discussion. To get them to feel they are important and that they are needed. Ladies, we need your encouragement to get the guys to come along.


Where are we, how are we, who are we?

18:30-20:30, 21st March - Hundred Monkeys, Glastonbury

It's never been so asked as now, as men...well who are we? You know; what are we? We're sort of this...but not really. We're sort of that...sometimes, and when a woman can do it just as easily or better for herself, what have we got to offer? This evenings, MEN ONLY casual chat over a bite to eat and a coffee in Glastonbury's best cafe we'll maybe find out. I don't have the answers, me, Pete. If anything, I have more questions than answers, but I'd like to find out...together with other men...

That's where you come in


Breakfast of Champions - Circle of Men

10:30-16:30, 25th March - Hundred Monkeys, Glastonbury

Following on from "Men at Heart" on-line men's group "Breakfast of Champions" is for those men who choose to participate to feel listened to, heard, respected and safe. Hopefully, there will build a sense of unity and common understanding for our own situation and those of other men. This is especially a shout out to my old Grenadier comrades and any other ex-soldiers...

Come and know you're not alone


Guys Like Us

15th-22nd June. Our home, Pyrenean France

"Guy's Like Us" is a man's retreat where we talk about the issues that affect us in the safe company of other men. The retreat is based in our home in Pyrenean France from which we'll take shortish and easyish walks in the local terrain. These walks will be chosen to illustrate moments in history where what it means to be a man have had different expressions. Some days will be on foot, some vehicle-borne, some a combination. there could be pre-Roman, Roman, Christian, Pagan, Cathar, Crusader and Marquis (French Resistance) days.

Facebook event page: click here



Poems and Prayers and Promises

16th-23rd October. Our home, Pyrenean France

Not only for men Poems and Prayers and Promises is a weeklong opportunity to immerse yourself in your own inner wisdom whilst embraced by the stunning nature surrounding our home in the foothills of the French Pyrenees. Getting at those unspoken or unwritten parts of you that wish to be...even need to be... whilst in the company of like-minded and like-spirited fellow wordsmiths. This could be the trigger of a new era of exploration within your own knowing yet crafted in the forum of nature herself.

Facebook event page: click here



Don't miss this great FREE Summit in March!


Urban Priestess

Anaiya will be talking with Sianna Sherman & Ashley Turner - starts March 12-16

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Baptism of Shakti: Light and Dark Rivers

It is said that Mary Magdalene would baptise others into the faith at the confluence of two rivers. Baptising in this way goes all the way back to pagan times. The meeting and merging of two rivers is a symbolic representation of what baptism means - the birth of a new being, forged from the alchemical fires of two seeming opposites, melded down into One unknown but familiar expression, outside of our dualistic understanding and cultural norm.

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Shiva: I Am, I Am, I Am...

The Glance. That moment, in the meeting of eyes between the lover and the beloved. The ache of longing, for reunion, where there exists not just the union of two souls, but the crux of the universe.

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“By what authority does any power have the rights to usurp continued life on our planet? Most urgently, why does such breath-taking audacity persist at a moment where we should all stand trembling in the face of our folly and united commitment to abolish its most deadly manifestations.”

In Full Awakening,



About Anaiya

Anaiya Sophia is an independent mystic of an almost forgotten faith and a teacher of Kundalini Yoga. She carries an Oral Transmission from the Sacred Feminine Mysteries which she weaves into all her gatherings. This mystical tradition is a continuous lineage with the Feminine Principle that throughout the centuries has preserved its spiritual dignity, without need for permission or recognition from any other source. Anaiya breathes the Wisdom of the Feminine Principle into the transformational processes we long for.

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