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Occitania: We Welcome You...

Occitania, our 5-bedroom mystical Fairy dwelling welcomes you.  Occitania is perched on a cliff side overlooking the medieval Troubadour Chateau of Puivert, in the “Occitan” region of Southern France.  Puivert is famed for its Courts of Love, Cathar alliances and the spirit of celebration.  Nestled in-between Montsegur and Rennes les Chateau, the valley of Puivert, once known as the Garden of Eden still to this day lingers with the harmonious perfection of paradise.

Occitania is where we live, and where we can accommodate 11 guests.  Our home is a potent portal for the Feminine Presence that thrives here.  Our passion is the getting outside as often as possible.  Over the years we have explored many sacred valley's, centuries old pathways and hidden villages. What we would love most is to share these things with you. We offer Bed and Breakfast, long weekend's and week-long retreats. 

*  A week-long stay would cost £555, and includes breakfast, Kundalini Yoga and day-walks.  This does not include supper or lunch.

*  A long weekend would cost £333, and includes breakfast, Kundalini Yoga and day-walks.  This does not include supper or lunch.

Many people believe that this land is known as ‘The Grail Trail”, the legendary footsteps of Mary Magdalene as she made her way from Saintes Maries de la Mers towards the more secluded parts of the Aude and Ariege regions.  Many people believe that it was She, who seeded the Cathar faith, leaving behind a legacy that still to this day continues on...

Whether you chose to explore the more sacred aspects of this land, or require a stopping off point along the Camino de Santiago, or maybe just a quiet place that is needed to rest, relax and recuperate then perhaps you may consider staying with us.

Occitania is a vegetarian home, with an emphasis on fresh, life-affirming foods. Anaiya offers Kundalini Yoga every monring, whilst Pete has 101 walks in his archive of 'things to do". 

Occitania has a sauna, two group spaces, a massage table and an infa-red Amethyst Bio Matress. 

It is up to you how you experience your stay in Occitania. Whichever way that is - We Welcome You 

Occitania Review

'Occitania is most certainly a jewel in the crown of Sacred France, and there is equally certainly more going on here than meets the physical optic nerve! Essentially what appears as a beautiful and unique bed and breakfast is actually a temple like vortex for magic of the highest order.

'Living in a world, which to paraphrase a well known credit card advert where we can buy our way to pretty much anything, what is actually so precious about what Anaiya offers at Occitania is that which is beyond any price tag. It's the domain of the priceless and that's when you know you're on holy ground, both literally and metaphorically.

'As for the hostess herself, Anaiya could be described with as many exalted adjectives as the 1000 Names of the Divine Mother. Yet perhaps what best captures her essence and multi-dimensionality is the word priestess.

'A true priestess has a transformative capacity like no other. Devoted to Source, a priestess lives permanently herself in the alchemical crucible and so is perpetually able to initiate others with the nectar of Divine Fire.

'So with that all said, time spent at Occitania on retreat should perhaps also come with a warning or disclaimer. This is not for those wanting a tepid holiday respite sipping Pina Colada's by an over chlorinated pool. Rather this is the place to come to breath all of life as Sacred and as such return home sub-atomically alchemised.'

Amor, UK​

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