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The Magdalene Room is on the ground floor, featuring a corner of natural rock from the hillside.  This cool, dark room is perfect for people requiring a healing environment that is ideal for deep rest and restoration.  This room can either serve as a double, or twin. There is an on-suite shower room, with separate toilet.

€55 per night

€65 for two


The Guinevere Room is on the top floor and overlooks the front of the house.  This double room also comes with a cot, so ideal for a young family.  There is plenty of light and space.  There is a shared shower room and toilet.

€55 per night

€65 for two

The Kali Ma Room is also on the top floor, and is a 3-bed room next door to the Guinevere Room.  This room overlooks the back of the house. This would be ideal for children, with the parents sleeping next door, or used as a spacious twin for friends.  There is a shared shower room and toilet.

€55 per night 

€65 for two

€75 for three

The Fairy Room is on the top floor at the front of the house. There is a Queen Size bed along with a single chaise lounge.  The floor space is huge, so ideal for pets. There is your own shower room, bath and toilet. 

€85 per night

The Rose Room is on the first floor and overlooks the front of the house. This double room is a ‘fairy room’, magical, light and incredibly feminine.  Perfect for a fantasy stay!   There is a separate shower, bathroom and toilet.

 €55 per night

€65 for two

Rooms are available from 6pm on the day of arrival.  On the day of departure please vacate the room by 11am.

Supper is between 7-8pm and breakfast 8.30-9.30am

All prices includes a delicious organic vegetarian breakfast, that can also include eggs, smoothies and extraganza of unexpected delights.

Supper can also be included for an additional €20 per person or €25 with wine.

There is a 5 person sauna at Occitania and an amethyst infra-red bio mattress


  • Bottle of Water: €2
  • Bottle of Wine (red, water and rose): €6/€10
  • Bottle of Blanquette: €6
  • Bottle of Juice (apple or orange): €4
  • Extra pot of coffee/tea: €3
  • Ice Creams: €2.50
  • Superfood Smoothie: €5
  • Anaiya Sophia’s books: €20
  • Yoga with Anaiya: by donation
  • Use of the Infra-red mattress: €20 for 30 mins
  • Massage: by appointment
  • Reiki Session: €50 (1 hour session)
  • One-to-one sessions: €144 per 2 hour session day, OR 333€ for a half day 
  • Bikes for hire (2 available): €8 half day – €15 full day
  • Sauna - €10 per hour 

Occitania Review

'Occitania is most certainly a jewel in the crown of Sacred France, and there is equally certainly more going on here than meets the physical optic nerve! Essentially what appears as a beautiful and unique bed and breakfast is actually a temple like vortex for magic of the highest order.

'Living in a world, which to paraphrase a well known credit card advert where we can buy our way to pretty much anything, what is actually so precious about what Anaiya offers at Occitania is that which is beyond any price tag. It's the domain of the priceless and that's when you know you're on holy ground, both literally and metaphorically.

'As for the hostess herself, Anaiya could be described with as many exalted adjectives as the 1000 Names of the Divine Mother. Yet perhaps what best captures her essence and multi-dimensionality is the word priestess.

'A true priestess has a transformative capacity like no other. Devoted to Source, a priestess lives permanently herself in the alchemical crucible and so is perpetually able to initiate others with the nectar of Divine Fire.

'So with that all said, time spent at Occitania on retreat should perhaps also come with a warning or disclaimer. This is not for those wanting a tepid holiday respite sipping Pina Colada's by an over chlorinated pool. Rather this is the place to come to breath all of life as Sacred and as such return home sub-atomically alchemised.'

Amor, UK​

Occitania Gallery