The Power of Prayer ­ Prayer ­ Anaiya Sophia

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

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I believe this prayer covers everything for where we are now in this current stage of evolution.

  1. We pray for the birth of divine humanity.  The down pouring of grace that humanity in its current deep despair and denial of what is happening wakes up to the tremendous joy of savouring its divinity and igniting the passion of saving its world.
  2. We pray that the divine mercy will make the coming set of crisis’s, that are almost inevitable, as efficient, clear and as precise as possible to give us the best possible chance of waking up in time.
  3. We pray for the ones working at Fukushima. We pray our deepest prayers that the people working there are guided by divine intelligence to do this devastatingly dangerous work as quietly, swiftly and safely with no catastrophic response.
  4. We pray for those in control of the media to really begin to understand the depth of the crisis and to report honestly and truthfully.  We pray for the ones in power and with great wealth to understand the inadequacy and the narcissist response that they have been employing.
  5. We pray for all those suffering at this time.  The homeless, the hungry, the sick and the lonely. The ones who are truly suffering in this system that favours the rich and humiliates the poor.
  6. We pray for the animals.  Those who are vanishing, those who are in danger, those being tortured in laboratories and those being slaughtered for the tables.  Let us pray for them sending our love, compassion and truth.
  7. We pray for all our family members and close friends.  To consider them all in the deep context of their lives and pray that their most sacred self emerges within them and helps them realize their own life’s mission, guiding them into their own Love in Action.
  8. We pray for ourselves.  We pray that our deepest courage, steadiness and dedication to midwifing this great rebirth is anchored and richly integrated into our being.

I pray to become committed and dedicated in grounding people in their divine nature so that they can create a container that is strong enough and open enough to be able to deal with the crisis we are living through. Anchoring bodies that are strong and vibrant enough to be able to allow the divine within them to do the work in this great transfiguration.

I pray that I am courageous enough to be able to burn through all my illusions and fantasies that separate me from my self and the fullness of the powers that have been given to me at this time.