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Nameless Heroes: Day of Ascension

Warriors, Indigenous people, Soldiers, Protestors, Heroes, Heroines, Martyrs, Heretics, Innocents, Children, Activists, Journalists, Mothers, Fathers, Slaves, Refugee's..... and more than I can mention.

Today is Ascension Day – the 40th day after Easter, when Jesus was said to ascend. As Gnostic’s we are here to retrieve our Lost Sparks, to be active and aware as we minister our sacraments.

This Oral Transmission opens a sacred space for unrecognized souls to receive their Day of Ascension by speaking their name into the Light. Let us anoint the Nameless Heroes that have given their lives to causes our soul cherishes.

Register here for your Transmission. Encoded within this energy is your own activation of how the 'utterance' of these people's names bring felt and palpable harmony.

I record these transmissions just hours before they are due to be received - so expect your "Red Pill" to arrive in your inbox the morning of the transmission.