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Sacred Marriage

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F**K Romance: Daring to go Deeper. Sacred Marriage

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F**K Romance:  Daring to go Deeper is the title of Anaiya's & Pete's new book and the interactive 13-week process for people who want to connect at every level with their partner and are Ready, Willing and Able to do the work of Love. F**k Romance will leave you nodding, laughing and relieved as one couple skillfully 'speak to' the many pitfalls that lay in wait as we make this great shift from one paradigm to another. 

This invitation to journey into Sacred Marriage is a call for ordinary people to make an extra-ordinary journey.  It takes tremendous courage and support to go deep.  Few people are aware, let alone able, to take the path into a true tantric union.  It is meeting place between two lovers who are able to become, real, honest and able to withstand the Holy Fires of complete Transfiguration.  


Because the frequency and quality of love that Sacred Marriage inspires is the frequency that galvanises and births this great evolutionary force that is gaining momentum all around us now.

Sacred Marriage calls for every part of our being to this journey. This involves the complete transfiguration of our sexuality, not through repression or indulgence but through the ultimate refining fire of profound tenderness and worship on every level of the other. This also involves the complete opening of our sacred heart, the release of every trauma, every disappointment and every heartbreak. As well as the healing of every fear, every neurosis, every hateful feeling and every self-sabotaging, separation loving mechanism. It will leave us completely vulnerable - and free to be the staggering presence of love in action.

Requirements: A sacred container of absolute commitment. This is a one-to-one intense field of alchemy.

Who Is This For: Couples and Singles of every sexual preference

Possible End Result: A 'taste' of what is possible, a congruent glimpse at your own divinity and perfected internal Sacred Union. 

During this time you will be given:

  • His/Her/Thier Perspective:  The Alchemy of 3
  • A Sacred Marriage Oath (with self, or with another)
  • Processes that marry your masculine/feminine and human/divine selves
  • Weekly Zoom calls with Anaiya & Pete (13 weeks) 
  • Feminine Support with Anaiya (email and zoom)
  • Masculine Support with Pete (email and zoom)
  • Entrance to a Sacred Marriage Community (FB forum)
  • Our full presence and love to support you through this 3-month vortex

This Sacred Marriage Ceremony is open to everyone, every sexual expression and not dependant on whether you are in relationship with another or not.

Subjects Covered: 

  1. Sexuality - Passion and Stillness
  2. Communication – Speaking and Hearing
  3. Trust and Truth:  His & Hers New Paradigm
  4. Security:  Love and Money
  5. Identity Crisis:  Letting Go of the Old Self
  6. Meeting the Family (ex-wife/husband/previous children) 
  7. Shadows and Wounds
  8. Spirituality:  Sacred Practice
  9. Commitment:  Stability and Adventure
  10. Aloneness & Togetherness
  11. Guilt, Shame & Projections
  12. Working Together: Sacred Purpose
  13. Emotions:  Hot and Cold
  14. Lighten Up:  Don't take yourself so seriously
  15. Acceptance and Surrender
  16. Growing Wiser
  17. Going Deeper:  Humility and Vulnerability
  18. Who is Who? Masculine and Feminin

For 3 Months from Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice we will walk you through the quagmire of "old" relationship into the New Dawn of what is possible between two people in Love, Truth and Freedom.