Sacred Sexual Mysteries for Men ­ Anaiya Sophia

Sacred Sexual Mysteries for Men

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Join Anaiya on this 9-week journey to embody the sexual consciousness of a fully awakened man.

Sacred Gateways Online Workshop includes the 9 Sacred Gateways Transmissions, weekly online calls and suggested practices, and PDF Manuals.

For too long men have been wounded by the absence of Sexual Initiation. The absence of a rite of initiation into sexual prowess and penetrating presence also contributes to male sexual wounding. Men are not trained how to love women, or to unlock the deeper aspects of their penetrating presence. Leaving both genders unfulfilled and lost. A man’s first experience of female love is with his mother. This relationship will determine a man’s capability to love and trust a woman. Most men have been severely wounded from deeply unfulfilled mothers who projected their own needs, dreams and expectations onto their sons. The son often became a substitute for an absent father and lover.

A man’s fear of women’s control affects how willing he is to surrender to women’s sexual power. His unconscious fear of women’s inexhaustible sexual power confronts him with his vulnerability, especially if he fails to meet his own expectations as a sexual performer. His desire for control is challenged by a temperamental male phallus which can let him down at any given moment without notice. The man who repeatedly experiences this lack of control over his sexual energy will often end up feeling powerless.

There are nine psycho-physical portals of penetrating presence that a male can reach for and expand. These deeper levels of presence guard and guide the awakening of a man’s sacred sexual journey. This is the journey from the perineum to the tip of the lingam, and into the mystical union embedded within the womb of woman.. Every man must take this journey at some stage in his life. Especially now, as human sexuality evolves into new and unchartered territory.

Woman must become the Keeper of her Sexual Wisdom, and be prepared to self-fulfilled, elegant and uncompromising. Only for the love of such a woman will man give up the selfishness that keeps him from realising the principle of divine love that he is.

This training would serve:

  • The healing of sexual guilt, shame, addiction and projection
  • The healing of sexual wounding (circumcision, performance, premature ejaculation, impotency etc.)
  • The balancing of masculine and feminine energy and expression
  • The step-by-step initiation of the Sacred Sexual Mysteries for Men
  • The receiving of Sexual Initiation and Rites of Passage
  • The awakening, healing and good health that this quality of work brings – in abundance!