The Sophia Mysteries ­ Anaiya Sophia

The Sophia Mysteries

The Sophia Mysteries

Join Anaiya on this 9-week practicum into the Oral Codex of Wisdom.

The SOPHIA Mysteries is an Oral Teaching includes the 9 Sophia Mysteries Transmissions, weekly online calls and suggested practices, and PDF Manuals.

This body of work will take us on a journey into the ‘story’ of Sophia, the feminine principle of the Divine, her descent and imprisonment into matter, and her liberation and redemption not only of herself, but of all the sparks lost in darkness.

Week-by-week we absorb the Story of Sophia reviving our own understanding of who we are, where we came from and where we are going. As we re-live Sophia’s story, we undergo our own.  Naming and confronting the powers that have been invisibly and covertly shaping and subtlety manoeuvring us from behind the veil since the beginning of time.

It is the voice, of Sophia, which is also our own, that from the depths of exile manages to reach the Most High God, creating a bridge across the stars that move within the space that is us, permitting the Divine Bridegroom to extend his healing touch and, with a kiss, turn our blindness into sight. The receiving of this tradition is the call to the wedding feast of celebration, the lifting of the veils that cloaked divinity, the revealing of the Bride and Bridegroom, face to face, and sealed by the bridge to the Most High.

Like Eve (Sophia’s daughter) we are invited to partake of the Apple.  To see behind the veil and to know what the god’s and goddesses know.  But with that, comes a sacrifice – the loss of ignorance and the full awakening of gnosis.

This gnostic tradition is the lineage to which Mary Magdalene, and all Mary's quietly and endlessly served.  If you ever wished to meet the Mary’s teacher – you would find Her here. .


  • The Awakening of your Vows
  • The Receiving of this Wisdom Codex
  • The Opening of your Spirit to Sophia (wisdom)
  • The Retrieval of your Lost Sparks
  • The Comfort of Gnosis
  • The Consolation of Truth
  • The Activation of your Ministry

An Introduction to the Sophia Mysteries

  • Week 1:  In the Beginning
  • Week 2:  The Descent
  • Week 3:  Demiurge:  Creation of the World
  • Week 4:  Creation of the Archons
  • Week 5:  Garden of Eden:  Descent of Eve
  • Week 6:  Sorrow of Sophia
  • Week 7:  The Rose Knight:  Birth of a Mary
  • Week 8:  Return of the Grail King:  Logos as Christ
  • Week 9:  Independent Mystics of an almost Forgotten Faith…

Every week (Thursday's at 8pm GMT) you will be invited to the LIVE CALL, and we will provide you with recorded audio along with some suggested practises the following day. Later that evening as you retire for the night, you will be given a transmission, recorded onto MP4 to listen to before sleep.


Some participants from different time-zones or with conflicts in their schedules may be unable to attend the live weekly sessions. Please note that you will still get the utmost satisfaction from this course as you will have access to all the weekly recordings and weekly materials and assignments to review at your convenience. We encourage you to practice the reflective periods on your own as you choose through contemplation and journaling, or in discussions with friends or family.


Even if they miss the first live class, your friends can catch up with the recording and still join you on the journey!

We're so looking forward to our journey together!

Full 9-week Online Workshop

Full 9-week Online Workshop with Anaiya

Join Anaiya on this 9-week journey.

The Full Online Workshop registration includes 'dreamtime' Transmissions, Radical Teachings of a Revelatory Nature (recorded) and Suggested Practises. 

9 x Sophia Mysteries Transmissions Series Registration

9 x Sophia Mysteries Transmissions Only

All Nine SOPHIA transmissions carry a fragment of Her Wisdom Codex.  When all nine are received the Crown of Understanding will be received.



9 x Oral Teachings Online Only

9 x Oral Teachings Only

Attend the 9 Oral Teachings for the Sophia Mysteries only by registering with this option.


Sophia Mysteries Transmissions

All Nine SOPHIA transmissions carry a fragment of Her Wisdom Codex.  When all nine are received the Crown of Her Understanding be received. 

  • In the Beginning:  Creation of Pistis, Sophia & Nameless One 
  • The Descent:  The Fall from Grace
  • Demiurge:  Creation of the World:  The Aborted, lives. 
  • Creation of the Archons:  The Rulers and Powers of the World
  • Garden of Eden:  Descent of Eve:  The Linegage is Born
  • Sorrow of Sophia:  The Cries of Repentance 
  • The Rose Knight:  Birth of a Mary
  • Return of the Grail King:  Logos as Christ
  • Independent Mystics of an almost Forgotten Faith…