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33 Days of the Dakini

Welcome to the 33-days of the Dakini:
The Revelation of the Dark Force.

This series of transmissions are emanating from the realm of Anaiya Sophiathe Dakini’s, the great tantric priestesses who seek the darkness, illusion and suffering on purpose, so they may eat it with vigor and wild abandon. A Dakini is a female with a very sharp, brilliant wisdom that is uncompromising, honest, with a little bit of wrath. Despite their gentleness and humour, they are direct, sharply intelligent, radical, and courageous. In essence, they live their lives and accomplishments as shining examples of dedication, compassion and realisation.

The Dakini’s literally consume suffering - both our own pain and the suffering all around us. When Donald Trump got elected and the Standing Rock issue escalated – they appeared everywhere I turned, demanding their medicine be received.

In essence they literally Love the Hell out of everything they turn their attention to. Their medicine will awaken our fierce love, a form of dangerous devotion that stirs a compassion so rich and deep, that no matter how cruel or cold we/life might seem to be, there is a burning Hope.

During this process, we shall be working with three phases of time to complete the entire template given by the Dakini’s:

  • Loving the Hell out of Yourself – the first 11 days (days 1-11)
  • Loving the Hell out of the Other – the second 11 days (days 12-22)
  • Loving the Hell out of the World – the third 11 days (days 23-33)

During these phases listen to the recorded transmission that we sent you every morning and evening before bed.  Learn the process, until you do not need to listen to ‘my’ recording but instead, able to take yourself through the process in your way with your music and atmosphere. OR, simply continue to listen to my recording.

Just before the next section you will get sent via email the next relevant recording – leaving you with 3 recordings of transmission in total. This work is the Complete Offering of the Dakini’s – the full and complete process of Tonglen.  There is a PDF explaining in full what Tonglen is in your In-Box.

Beloved Friend – I implore you to commit to 33-days… without fail. 

This is a very potent number.  33 is a Christed Number, a number of Revelation and Coming of Age.  And this is the chosen number of the Dakini’s.

The Revelation of the Dark Force 

I believe that coming into radical, humble relationship with the dark feminine, is what is now crying out to be integrated so that the FULL vision of the Mother can be lived. I truly believe we are being asked to BE a certain vibration, to be in alignment with Her.  Without the Dark Mother, there is no passion, there is no sacred rage and there is no Birth. 

The Dakini’s are the working force of the Dark Mother.  They bring us here our Sacred Action and full permission to access our Sacred Rage and true feelings at this time.

I remember Andrew Harvey once saying:

“In this age when history itself is on fire, in this time of the convulsion of the beast, of the final dance of the enraged demons, may we keep faith in the sublime alchemy that has ordained the mystery - from the deepest darkness comes the highest light”.

I absolutely walk beside Andrew on this one.  I have no doubt whatsoever that it is the dark mother (Black Madonna) who is orchestrating all of this 'unprecedented' transformation, that may, or may not include us.

In essence beloved ladies if we can open to her full glory and sustain the fitness, rigor, splendor, majesty, terror, beauty and transfiguring power that opening to the Black Mother always reveals, then we will be able to birth the Christ consciousness on our planet with much more passion and much more authenticity.

Let us not try to conceptualize her. Because that for me would be a subtle betrayal of the immensity of her mystery and majesty. Instead let us simply welcome her, however she appears, knowing that it is “She” is the one bringing through the enormity of this birth, and every single challenge we face.

So, on that note – let us face the actual process that she proposes for these next 33-days.  And that is – to move towards all your challenges, irritations, hurts and conflicts.  Instead of having to heal, correct, release, let go of etc. let us instead warmly, with great curiosity move our awareness to the source of our uncomfortable sensations, realizing She is the one, not only creating all of this, but she IS also the pain.  Let us take that in.  As Love is the feeling presence of God, so is destruction.

Many mystics tell us.  When we feel the presence of Truth (truth-bumps on our skin) that is the presence of Logos (Word of God).  When we feel the presence of suffering (sorrow, devastation, loss, grief) that is the presence of the dark feminine, the Black Mother.

When we move towards our suffering – the work is the work of Tonglen.  Tonglen is the practice of the Black Mother, and is to be practiced every day (without fail for 33-days) AND when our pain is live, actual and real – and of course that could be any time of the day or night.

 One must learn to be a lung breathing in the smoke, 
a swollen shut eye that continues to see clearly, 
a frostbite blackened hand that consistently holds on, 
a voice heard over blackened helicopter winds, 
a spirit must be be able to kick away the scaffolding of faith and trust the wings until now,
could never fully form and fly again...

This time is now...

Thank you for committing to this Process.

I am right here alongside you,

Under Her immense gaze.