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HER Re-Membering: 9-Month Temple-Work


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Starts 21st June, 2017

Once upon a time there was a Feminine Presence who not only walked the face of the Earth, but governed its powers and principalities. Her underlying substance was Gnosis, a direct transmission of goodness that struck at the very heart of reality.

Out of Her likeness She created daughters. Women who carried Her Sacred Mother energies – a continuous lineage who throughout the centuries preserved Her spiritual dignity, without need for permission or recognition from the patriarchy.

Her daughters created the ‘Temple’. A place for those who have ‘fallen from grace’. For this is how She got here.

HER: Re-Membering is a 9-Month interactive transmission of the Creation of the Temple. HER journey will lead her and prepare her into becoming a trustworthy resource of Love and Beauty upon this planet. She shall rise once again as Her daughter - a women cleared from the damage and sorrow from lifetimes of separation, fragmentation and distrust. She will be skilled in the art of Taking The War Out Of Man, which can be rephrased as taking the war out of the world.

HER work will include a close and intimate intimacy with the Holy Sophia and her many faces.  Mary the Magdalene, Mother Mary, Black Madonna, Isis, Ma'at are to name a few. We shall first create a Holy Grail, a Sacred Sisterhood built upon a Code of Conduct that unites us. Over 9-Months we shall Awaken our Sacred Body, Re-Member how to Immaculately Conceive Light, Re-Member Sacred Birthing of physical and non-physical beings, Honour the Sanctity of the Bridal Chamber, Listen carefully to our Womb Wisdom, Speak the Transmissions of Gnosis and Open the Bridge Between Worlds.

Once all seven pyscho-spiritual centres are cleared – we will be truly able to blaze with Her love and with great decency and incorruptible presence – Take The War Out Of Man…

This work begins every Summer Solstice and finishes 9 months later on the Spring Equinox – this process is open to women and men who feel the call, sincerely and clearly in their heart, body and soul. You are advised to commit to the full 9-Month birthing cycle. You can also start and finish in your own time. 


The amount for this 9-month transmission is £144 per month, or pay in full now at the reduced amount £1111 (save £185!)

In exchange you will receive unpublished, unspoken and unrecorded material from the Lineage of SOPHIA. Eve, Isis, Ma'at, Mother Mary, Holy Spirit, Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna are to name a few who have and continue to serve The Grail in this way.

A Taste of the Work:

WOMB: Gateway To Divine Intimacy

The Womb contains the Innermost Sanctum, the Holy of Holies, that deep and secret place that houses your wild and erotic feminine innocence. The innermost sanctum is where we may feel our sexual restlessness, an inconsolable emptiness and knowing that no one, not even yourself has ever been there, let alone shared deep love and communion. The opening transmission into HER Re-Membering is for her to become aware of the Inner Sanctum. As women, we must be able to locate that deep inner realm, and remove all psychic obstructions, emotional blocks and residual memories of past ‘priestessing’. The Inner Sanctum must become a place of luminous holiness, a Virgin space that nothing can be projected upon. One day a Man will come to enter the 'Temple" of Divine Intimacy and be willing to 'unlearn' everything he thought he ever knew about Making Love.

That is where we shall meet him. Ready and Prepared to skilfully deliver him into Radiance of this Legacy. To Re-Unite him with his Mother, Lover, Wife and Sister.