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FREE TALK: Introducing the Christ Path

16th April - June 18th, 2017

Available globally online

9-Steps to nurture and deepen your embodiment of Christ Consciousness

Course begins Easter Sunday 16th April, 7pm CET

Join Anaiya on a 9-week journey to (re)awaken​ your Sacred Heart giving yourself the time and space to nurture your faith in Christ Consciousness. So many of us have been touched by Christ as a child, and yet so often misguided by spirituality and religion that supposedly served the Christian Tradition. Over these 9-weeks, open to Anaiya’s stories of Yeshua/Jesus in ways you could never imagine. Meet the Man. Meet the Mystic. Meet the reason He came to you in the first place…

Includes weekly Audio Calls, Transmissions and Suggested ​Practices.

FREE Call The First Supper with Anaiya

Thursday 13th April, 7pm CET

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Introducing the Christ Path Program:

  • Week 1: (Re)Awakening the Christ Path.  What was/is Jesus?  By re-telling the stories with the feminine restored in her rightful position, where does that place Christ?
  • Week 2: The Shamanic Christ. Discover the earth-based nature of Jesus. The way he lived, his choices upon the earth and why?
  • Week 3: The Mount of Beatitudes… The Eternal Transmission
  • Week 4: The Tantric Christ: Discover the ‘eastern’ Jesus, and his embodiment of pure tantric energy. 
  • Week 5: The Wounds of Love: Understanding the five steps of the Passion.
  • Week 6: The Mystical Christ:  Discover the Gnosis of Christ Consciousness.  How we must meet the Man and the Mystic in equal measure.
  • Week 7: The Sacred Kiss:  The Deeper Mysteries that cannot be spoken.
  • Week 8: Healing the Divine Masculine.  Restoring his rift in Faith
  • Week 9:  Christed Relationship.  Marrying the Mary Mystery with the Way of Christ.  Healing the split between Peter and Magdalene. 

Every week (Sunday's at 6pm GMT) you will be invited to the LIVE CALL, and we will provide you with recorded audio along with some suggested practises the following day.


Some participants from different time-zones or with conflicts in their schedules may be unable to attend the live weekly sessions. Please note that you will still get the utmost satisfaction from this course as you will have access to all the weekly recordings and weekly materials and assignments to review at your convenience. We encourage you to practice the reflective periods on your own as you choose through contemplation and journaling, or in discussions with friends or family.


Even if they miss the first live class, your friends can catch up with the recording and still join you on the journey! Please invite your friends to enrol too.

We're so looking forward to our journey together!