10 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Entering Into A Relationship?

1.  Do I feel whole or am I looking for someone to fill my perceived gaps?

2.  Am I ready. (Am I fully healed from previous relationships?)

3.  Can I accept my own past (and leave my new partners past to rest)?

4.  Can I truthfully commit?

5.  Am I emotionally ready for deep intimacy?


7.  Do I love this person for who they truly are, or for their looks, for what I believe they can be changed into, or for what they can provide?

8.  Is my intended partner a spiritually compatible soul?

9.  Is there anything in my new love that is seen as a threat, and therefore an obstacle to an abandoning trust.

10.  Do we share a common financial understanding?

11. Are we both genuinely free of existing relational obligations?

By Amora Steve Melchizadek 


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