Exploring The Truth Of Our Relationships

What you will need:

Sheets of A4 Paper or your Journal and a pen.

At the top of each page write down the name of your ex-partners, placing one name at the top of each page.

We are simply going to stick to the facts:

  • Write down how you met
  • Write down how long you were together
  • Write down how you treated one another
  • Was love driving you?
  • Were your morals and values in place?
  • Did you compromise yourself?
  • What made you feel uncomfortable when you were together?
  • Did you make love or have sex?
  • Did you tell the truth to one another
  • Did you feel that he/she was telling the truth with you?
  • Did you progress in intimacy?
  • Did you feel equal to him/her?
  • Did you manipulate to protect yourself from getting hurt?
  • Did you value God, Love, Growth and Intimacy?


When you begin to emotionally connect with the reality of the relationships that you experienced – how does this leave you feeling?

If Love was not driving you, what was?

When I did this exercise, it wasn’t comfortable as I began to feel into all the layers of error within me.   What I realized was that only when we are really honest with ourselves, can we be honest with one another.  We are not loving another person UNLESS we are 100% truthful with them.  And that is the same in reflection.  People are NOT loving you, unless they are 100% truthful with you.

When we become adults we often become desensitized to how we really feel when we realize that the other has told us a lie. We may make excuses for them, or we explode in anger.  Where we really need to go is “In”, to feel that sadness, to feel the feeling that we are unloved.  We know in our souls that there is no love in the lie.  One day we will have to face that and grieve.

This is the absolute same for us.  We have to feel the emptiness of love within our own lies. Stripping away every reason and justification ‘why’ we lied or comprised. Be innocent with your feelings…. Connect with God in an emotional way, soul to soul, and begin to pull back the layers of illusion.  Feel the love of your Creator as you gently move through this process.  We can’t do this without God’s love for us.

Gently, gently move your soul towards God’s, and feel the errors we have made about love, loosely dislodge from within us, and be released through our tears.

Supporting your sensitivity and innocence as you journey back home to the arms of God.






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