What is a Woman's Magnetic Centre?

What is a woman’s magnetic ground? How can a woman activate her magnetic centre?

It is the feminine principle that consciously holds together the web of life, the interconnectedness of all existence. For a woman, the gender that generally carries more of the feminine principle, the energetic node that gives and receives from the Web of Life is inside the core of her womb, known as her magnetic ground.

A woman's energetic signature is magnetic, where as a man's is electric. The magnetic centre is the thriving hub of activity, the strong pull of a woman's magnetic field that holds the Web of Life in place.  There would be no Web of Life, no interconnectedness without the feminine principle, without women.

When a woman is centred in her womb, it is her magnetic ground that is the central point.  From a experiential perspective - you would feel this place in the deepest centre of your womb as having a downward pull, a sensation of being dragged down deep into the earth, linking with the core elements and intelligences that created our known existence.

How would a woman activate her magnetic ground?

To be able to authentically access these inherently deep places one would first have to access their five primal energies with the intention to reveal and heal the limitations and trauma's surrounding the vast nature of their womb.  These five energies are Physical, Emotional, Mental, Sexual and Soulful. Usually the strongest issues that limit the full expression of the womb are sexuality, gender-based wounds, birth trauma and human incarnation. 

An experiential path is the most authentic.  Meditation, healing and 'learning' about this is not enough, this awakening has to be 'lived'.  Working intimately with your conscious partner is the best way, again utilising physical, emotional, sexual, mental and soulful energy.


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