Period is Power podcast

Among the most important work within the collective for women today, is embracing the Fierce Feminine and our Sacred Rage - which is not the same as personal anger. In this powerful episode with Anaiya Sophia, mystic, storyteller and author, we discuss:

- Anaiya's lessons from the intense initiation of mother to crone through menopause
- making sensuality ours for our own nourishment
- getting turned on by nature
- the empowered and disempowered expressions of darkness
- Anaiya Sophia's new book The Fierce Feminine Rising: Heal From Predatory Relationships and Recenter Your Personal Power
- the Fierce Feminine and how she differs from an angry bitch
- what are predatory relationships and how do we begin to heal from them?
- the important difference between Sacred Rage and Personal Anger
- how to process and shift through healthy Sacred Rage
- the importance of women circles to facilitate processing our Sacred Rage
- Anaiya's Wardrobe for adorning your body temple in goddess wear

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