Sex and Happiness: a Conversation with Anaiya Sophia and Laurie Handler

Laurie Handlers has fascinating revelations in her talk with Anaiya Aon Prakasha, author of Pilgrimage to Love: A Tale of Romance, Heartbreak and Meeting The One. Having no previous idea about what Christian Sex is, Laurie asked Anaiya basic questions about the procreation of conservative right wing Christians thinking this is what Christian Sex is all about. She discovered that Christian Sex is all about the lost years of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Anaiya discusses in great detail harmony of masculine and feminine principles on Earth and the difference between soul mates and twin flames. She demonstrates how you can know the difference when you are in relationship.

Anaiya is also the co-author of Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Forgotten and Creative Powers of the Feminine and Open your Heart with Kundalini Yoga.

Very honest and down to earth ideas about love and romance from a completely different perspective!

Duration: 56:40

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