February in the Heavens


February in the Heavens

My hope and intention is for these Cosmic insights to offer you support and encouragement at this time. Astrology is here to serve in guidance alongside your sovereign free will and thought. The words below merely scratch the surface, peeling back the layer just a little bit, offering a doorway for you to access your innate wisdom. Please receive in your sacred heart, sensing where the energy lands, and whether something may, or may not, speak to you. And then see where your natural guidance leads you.

In a nutshell, we continue to experience a developing tension between Aquarius and Taurus: a time of future envisioning for the whole of humanity which questions our enjoyment of independence and idea of security. We will have 5 planets in Aquarius, as Venus enters on the 2nd Feb. This is a very active time for Aquarius! 

It is natural to want to roam freely, satisfying our own needs, our sensuality and connection to inner steadfastness. There have been major sudden disturbances in our stability though, which have caused us to begin questioning on what foundation we are standing, what are our roots clinging to? Uranus in Taurus electrifies our experience of this, sending whirlwinds of insight, causing a huge shaking to everything. All the while, Mars has been roaming through this Taurean landscape, which is not a natural home for the planet. The energy of Mars likes speed, direct outcomes, and fiery illumination. Our root chakra is well supported by a strong Mars, who knows one’s identity, what one is determined for, going towards and so on. However, in Taurus, this yang/masculine aspect of our psyche is called to surrender to a very sensual, slow, mysterious flow of yin Earth. There is an alternative stability pouring through, and it is perhaps not gained in the same way as we are used to, through our usual actions, sense of self. Our inner / outer (material) resources are questioned, turned upside down and totally re-invigorated. Perhaps this is about total surrender of what stability, security feels like in the Earth element; a surrender of what we once knew, what the mind used to exist upon. This could be in the area of money, food, housing, infrastructure, industry, and so on. Internally, our sensual needs through beautiful foods, aromas of love, feelings of nurture and safety, enjoyment of nature… these ‘needs’ may feel like they are in a tornado of insecurity,  challenged to evolve. 

The letting go is pushed and called for by a hugely packed Aquarian space. This is where the new seed is being born, for we have our New Moon towards the end of Aquarius on the 11th Feb. The high number of planets here are calling us to pay attention towards what this energy of Aquarius, carried through the psyches of these celestial beings, is bringing to the table. This is for the sake of humanity’s future, offering etheric wavelengths of vision, outpourings of cosmic insight, in a very humanitarian sense, where the sense of self does not exist, only the all, perhaps: the one heart of all, in God consciousness. Aquarius is an air element, and hence this is a season with heavy cerebral activity, coupled by the amplification of our current north node destiny in airy Gemini. The cerebral process allows for the mind to engage with what some could call ‘downloads’, receiving from the divine mind. There is a huge call to let go of what was, hence the de-rooting in Taurus, and to receive. In the Thema Mundi chart of Earth, we see that Aquarius is signified as the 8th house of death, letting go, and interdimensional engagement. This is a magical, yet harrowing time. It really feels up in the air. 

So, what is going on exactly, in this air? 

Mercury, ruler of our north node, is about to retrograde (on the 30th Jan) from the end of Aquarius back over the Sun, Jupiter and Venus. Saturn remains closer to the beginning, a much slower moving planet. A retrograde for Mercury allows for a re-assessment, (a re- of anything really) of our collective movement towards these new and alternative ideas. This could be seen through online communities, the media, communication of what people ‘think’ is going on/could happen. The messages of our endless channels of info (external/internal: i.e. belief systems/frequencies of thought) are questioned and uncovered: what is really lurking behind, where do our future plans require revisiting, how is our cocreative vision held back, what are our (mental) blocks, perhaps beliefs or residual traditions no longer serving? 

Then, as Venus enters, we have the ruler of Taurus weaving our attention from our own sensual needs, to the collective calling. She will square Mars towards the end of the month, bringing conflict to perhaps an ego perspective, which may finally be letting go in this instance: amplified by Pluto who will be making an aspect to Mars at this time – the power of death to individual determination (could this look like sharing our resources rather than the extreme of hoarding, living simplistically for the societal whole, rather than in our individual houses and livelihoods?). This is challenging to consider, seeing as we have many fears of vulnerability, openness and fairness. Fear is a big one, illuminated strongly at this time: we might feel high levels of insecurity. For so long we, humanity, have looked out for ourselves and generally forgotten our united heritage, our security in community and truly giving to others without expectation. 

Venus, who shines for partnership and equality, will unite with Jupiter for the New Moon: a beautifully favourable conjunction. This will be in the light of Venus meeting Saturn a few days before, where our relational hardships may be felt: where do we hold back from evolving in this new rhythm? How are our inherited/ancestral/karmic patterns showing up in relationships and our own capacity to love ourselves enough to grow and commit to a shared future? This aspect will actually square Uranus in Taurus, both Venus and Saturn. Electrical bolts of energy through our sense of stability, whilst feeling the heavyweight of outdated frameworks, anything holding us back from dancing with explosive, fresh, new insight. To work with this, Saturn calls to us to commit, long and hard, to a discipline of working through our mental blocks on our path of evolution: can our mind let go and receive from the Cosmic water bearer of the Divine? We might feel afraid of looking weird, odd, or the black sheep… we are coming up against ancient patterns of thought, aspects of our psyche. 

Venus and Jupiter together, offering a blessing for favourable expansion of mutual support and connection, relations motivated to serve all humanity, to pave the way with intention for our shared future. New thoughts, perhaps even philosophies are in seed forms of expression, with this tender, new birth of the Moon. A week or so later, Mercury moves direct in motion, actually on the degree which Venus and Jupiter conjoin. Perhaps this will be guiding the way for our communication, the blessing upon a new form of etheric interconnectivity. We birth the future in a tight alchemical process. This is no ‘easy’ ride if one wants to side-step mental blocks, fears or trauma. But if we go through the thick of each hardship presented to us, knowing this emerges from our sovereignty, then we can truly create something of longevity and eventual stability. Saturn is the harvester, the lord of growth, and in the planet’s house of home of Aquarius (according to Traditional Astrology), is well positioned to guide us by a rod of discipline and fierce devotion. Can we match this fierceness with our own? 

It is worth noting Athena’s presence in Aquarius, an asteroid named after the warrior woman of strength, courage and fearless empowerment. It is also worth musing on Black Moon Lilith, Mother womb of total letting go into the void, an asteroid moving slowly through Taurus, where Mars currently approaches. I shall leave it there, as this is long enough, to allow for your own contemplations on these two mythic archetypes, and how the whole of this heavenly, chaotic dance is weaving through and with your own life and soul. 

In love & service,


Emeline Miramar

About the Author

Emeline Makin can be found musing deeply on the Celestials, navigating realms of self-worth, embodiment and Divine communion from within. Emeline channels her intuitive healing qualities through sharing poetic reflection, developing her practice as an Astrologer, a Yoga teacher, and continues on her journey of Nutrition, Herbalism and the wonders of Womb & Menstrual wisdom. 

She invites you to discover her Shamanic Astrology readings, and weekly Yoga classes, infused with Goddess inspiration, Kundalini, Womb practices and Dance. Both are currently by donation.

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