Sacred Yoni Awakening

Sacred YONI Awakening is HERE...

WELCOME to the second level of Sacred Body Awakening, which contains the ancient practices to heal, restore and elevate the Yoni of Woman, to the resonant vibrancy of the Goddess.

In human speak... I believe the root of our suffering is the quality of sex/love-making, and how both man and woman have become completely distracted from what is truly possible with the coming together of the lingam, yoni and brain!  I believe we have been sold a lie when it comes to sex.  We have been encouraged to be goal-orientated and to rush past the hidden potential in search of the climax. 

This week together will reveal many things.  My intention is to present everything that I have researched, experimented with and in the process of developing. Sacred Yoni Awakening is the second piece of the Sacred Body Awakening revelation. Slowly one step at a time, this vision is becoming manifest.  The Yoni Awakening will be - exactly that.  An intensive week together to open the Yoni and awaken the dormant depths of the erotic presence of the Goddess.  We will be taking a timely and essential journey into our personal and collective worlds of shame, guilt and fear that could surround our perception of the Goddess and her full-bodied presence in our lives. 

My intention is to create a safe, trustable and healing environment for us all to journey into what is possible in our lifetimes.  We shall experience how to touch, how to hold, how to dissolve and awaken the Yoni.  We shall explore the connection between our Yoni and our Brain, and deep can our perception reach?  I will reveal how the Yoni, resting in an open and natural body - is the gateway to a new form of sexuality, expression and union.   By dissolving trauma, tension and contraction in the Yoni (which we will all have because of our over-stimulated, emotionally laden sexual centres) we can enter the world of somatic intelligence.  The ability to merge, meld and magnify. 

Sex is evolving.  We have been clouded from the importance of connecting to a vast field of potential. I believe there is a chemical elixir that we can self-generate in our brains, that opens us to the higher centres.  

I am not going to be holding back in any way.  I myself am really beginning to realise the importance of this work, for ourselves and to get us out of this 'sexual misery programme'.  Make no mistake, this week is going to be powerful, radical and pioneering.  We shall be working on so many layers from sisterhood, motherhood, birth, the erotic force, intimacy, embodying the raw powers of the Goddess, trust, impeccability, prayer, deep, deep sharings and the future of humanity.  

This Sacred Yoni Awakening will take place in the Venus Pentagram of Southern France. This region where I live is a feminine vortex, making this work so much easier to comprehend and absorb. Historically, Mary Magdalene came to this corner of France to continue to seed her vision, and I believe, this was/is absolutely part of it.  This is not Tantra, nor is it Sexual Healing, although it could be described as such.  I believe what I am doing is calling to my soul family, as I carry something you are ready to remember and bring to your community. 


What to Expect:

Yoni Steams

Crystal Yoni Eggs Wisdom 

Star Fire Wisdom 

Darkness Journeywork 

Women of the Voice 

Hands-On Somatic Healing

Daily Practise 

Morning Yoga

A visit to the Cathar Initiation Caves (Initiation) 

A visit to the Fountain of Love (Baptism) 


There will be 2 x 3-hour sessions per day, plus a morning yoga class. We will be eating vegan food, and staying in a Neo-Classical village Chateau. Once this work has been completed you will receive a certificate along with my support and blessing to continue on this work in this Light.



Cost - £1995 

Deposit - £500 

Instalments are acceptable.  Full payment must be made one week beforehand. 

Travel: Arrive in to Carcassonne or Toulouse airport.  There will be a pick up on the day of arrival. 

Cost Includes: Accommodation based on two sharing, Vegan Meals (breakfast and supper), Facilitator Training



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