Sacred Yoni Awakening

Sacred YONI Awakening is HERE...

WELCOME to the second level of Sacred Body Awakening, which contains the ancient practices to heal, restore and elevate the Yoni of Woman, to the resonant vibrancy of the Goddess.

In human speak... I believe the root of our suffering is the 'quality' of sex/love-making, and how we, both man and woman are missing the mark, and completely shut off from what is truly possible with the coming together of the lingam and yoni. I have often found myself cringing around the term, Yoni Massage - as for me, what I wish to birth is far from a massage.

Although I am also not promising some kind of technique that promises the Holy Grail of sexual experiences - that's not what I bring.

What I hope to bring is the realisation that the opening of the YONI, requires a change in attitude and lifestyle. The work shall involve an impeccable, somatic hands-on experience that gently removes trauma and shut-down, restores the health and spiritual hygiene of the YONI and ignites a natural flow of Shakti that respectfully gives rise to the natural presence of that woman and the expression of her sexuality.

Sex, as we once knew it, is being transformed into Union. We have been forgetting the importance of connecting to a vast field of potential. I believe an 'elixir' is required until we can self-generate our own, that opens us to the higher centres.

The awakening of the YONI, comes hand in hand with the awakening of Wisdom. What you do to the Yoni, has a corresponding effect in the 3rd-Eye. All those years of mindless sex have clouded our vision. Hence, the bringing in of High-Grade CBD Oil, White Powder Gold, Blue Lotus and Sacred Tea. There will also be a lot of darkness work, we need to restore the YONI's ability to chart and navigate outside of the Programme. She needs Her sensitivity back, in order to take man to the deeper places in Herself and His Universe.

This Sacred Yoni Awakening will take place here, in the Venus Pentagram of Southern France. This place where I live is a feminine vortex that makes this work so much easier to comprehend and absorb. In essence, we shall we living one week together in a joyous, loving and trustworthy container.


What to Expect:

Yoni Steams

Crystal Yoni Eggs Wisdom 

Star Fire Wisdom 

Darkness Journeywork 

Women of the Voice 

Hands-On Somatic Wisdom 

Daily Practise 

Morning Yoga


There will be 2 x 3-hour sessions per day, plus a morning yoga class. We will be eating vegan food, and staying in a Neo-Classical village Chateau. Once this work has been completed you will receive a certificate along with my support and blessing to continue on this work in this Light.



Cost - £1995 

Deposit - £500 

Instalments are acceptable.  Full payment must be made one week beforehand. 

Travel: Arrive into either Carcassonne or Toulouse airport.  There will be a pick up on the day of arrival. 

Cost Includes: Accommodation based on two sharing, Vegan Meals (breakfast and supper), Facilitator Training



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