Saints, Angels and Holy Ones: Mysteries of Les Contes

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Saints, Angels and Holy Ones: Mysteries of Les Contes

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For 22 nights curl up with Anaiya as she brings alive the 22 saints, angels and holy ones connected to her new home. Les Contes, was once a Colonie de Vacances run by the church located at the bottom of Chateau de Montsegur. This incredible magical property has many a tale connected to it regarding Mary Magdalene, the Book of Love and how it has been, and perhaps is, a resting place of the Grail.

Every single one of these stories has a strong association with a victorious kind of magic that is timely and pre-ordained. These real life tales are extraordinary and brings forth an incorruptible field laden with possibility and courage.

My heart’s desire is to extend this energy to you. There is a massive presence here, made up, I suspect of all of these energies. The house is re-awakening, it wants to build within you a beacon of Light. It wants you to know - We Have Returned!

It is our wish to extend this message to you at this time.




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