COVID-19 Announcement for Events with Anaiya

About Anaiya SophiaMy Dearest Friends,

It is with a joyful heart that we can announce our new COVID friendly events for 2021.  Safety Protocols for COVID-19 will be in effect for all our retreats making every event safe and respectful. The majority of our time will be spent outside as well as enjoying an enormous group space on a 5-hectare property.   Our new venue can accommodate 19 people in separate rooms.* 

~ or ~

Simply come and spend 5 nights here at our NEW B and B, I will take you through as much Sacred Body Awakening as is safe, and I'll show you some of the Sacred Magdalene sites in the region.  This price will include private accommodation at our NEW house, breakfast and touring/teaching.  You could come whenever you wanted - We Will Be Here.  


All My Love, and hope to see you real soon,

Anaiya & Pete xxx


A Woman's Wisdom Retreat - June 2023

June 21-28, 2023

Les Contes, Southern France

A Woman's Wisdom Retreat - August 2023

August 15-22, 2023

Les Contes, Southern France


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