Epinoia Easter Retreat: The Beauty of Truth

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Epinoia Easter Retreat:  The Beauty of Truth

Epinoia Easter Retreat: The Beauty of Truth

5th-10th April, 2023

Les Contes, Southern France

Singles full fee:
GBP £ 955.00

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GBP £ 333.00

Epinoia Easter Retreat: The Beauty of Truth

May the Pure Thought of our Feminine Emanations Light us from Within!

Join Aletheia and a small group of other like-minded souls for a deep wisdom immersion during Easter in her home in Southern France. Epinoia, is a Gnostic word for Insight (go in, to see). It can also be translated as "wisdom" in the modern sense of the word. Without it, one cannot gain Gnosis.

My dearest friends, I am rediscovering a beautiful truth, which I am enlivened to share! My rediscovery of the Gnostic worldview lost over several centuries provides humanity with an important reorientation for the evolution of our species in these extraordinary times. During our time together, we will move through Easter in a Wisdom Mystery School, allowing ourselves to change slowly over time and cohesively realign with our Root.

  • Sacred Body Wisdom
  • Epinoia Transmissions
  • Sophia Teachings
  • Sacred Sites of the Order of the Dove
  • Sacred Body Awakening

This somatic, deep, slow 5-day process will open us to the revelation of a profound natural ability in our body and the essential feminine emanations in our mind, desperately needed for this time.  In the Christian Tradition, Easter is relived, in a beautiful heart-centred way, resulting in a renewal of Faith. But what happens when we combine the Higher Mind with the Somatic Body?

What I am discovering, is both the message and messenger from our ancient past and near future. A discovery that is Living. Our body contains the Hall of Records, Our mind, the beautiful ability to access them, and the Sacred Heart, a Renewed Unified Faith - that extends the Truth to All.


  • Arrive by 5 pm on the 5th of April.  The retreat finishes at 10 am on the 10th.
  • Registration fee includes Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Venue: Les Contes, 09330 Fougax-et-Barrineuf,  France



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