Fierce Feminine

Fierce, Fierce Feminine: Lifting the Veils of Reality

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Fierce, Fierce Feminine: Lifting the Veils of Reality

Fierce, Fierce Feminine: Lifting the Veils of Reality

19th December, 2019

Goddess House, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9EJ

  • Times:10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Requirement: experience in intimate bodywork
  • Concessions available - £50 - please contact Anaiya

Singles full fee:
GBP £ 80.00

Fierce Fierce Feminine

This workshop together is dedicated to the Fierce, Fierce Feminine - the part of us that is now exploding everywhere all over the World!

This Temple space will honour Kali/Black Madonna/Inanna and give rise to a very potent and lasting transmission. Using interactive processes, breathwork, journeywork, dance and sharing - we will conjure up the Essence of the Fierce Feminine, which is not only Outspoken, Direct and Discerning but also exquisitely Compassionate and heart-achingly Tender.

The feminine principle in (both men and) women needs to be given the permission and power to speak up and wield the sword of discernment. This is the moment when we act from our wisdom, cutting through denial and illusion with an authority that is unruly and loving. This day is going to positively encourage MORE of this.

We shall be delving into the Sorrows of the World, and how that form of Creativity, you know the one, is the medicine you most need to share right now! Expect to hear about sexual and spiritual predators, false teachings and teachers, how to pull the plug on abusive partners and the mechanics of narcissism and psychopaths. It's going to wild, and graceful.

NOTE… this workshop shall not only end but ground in itself in LOVE. Subjects include Sacred Rage, Authentic Voice, Sovereign Sexuality, Sorrows of the World (tales of what is really going on behind closed doors), Accountability, Restoring Our Intuition and the how the Fierce Feminine could guide us through our collective "Dark Night".

During the last hour - there will be a silent period of deep, deep healing with a clothed Sacred Body Awakening - a homage to Mary Magdalene, and all the Magdalenes that are now here on the Earth and willing to step out and into the Fire.

It's going to be a firey and deeply healing time together!


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