7 Steps to Ignite your Fierce Feminine

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7 Steps to Ignite your Fierce Feminine

7 Steps to Ignite your Fierce Feminine

March 25, 2018

Shekinashram, Glastonbury

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7 Steps to Ignite your Fierce Feminine

 (and start sniffing out ways that silence Her)

In the Beginning was Woman.  She was wild and unruly.  Tender and Expressive.  She was free to speak and free to love. She was a savage beauty whose herstory became legend. Her Legend became myth. And for a very long period of time, she vanished from our knowledge. Girls and Women became pale imitations of their once great ecstatic Queen. Their connection to Her hung by a diminishing thread as the memory of Her was almost forgotten.

But now She returns. Almost walking amongst She seeks Her fragmented parts.  Piecing Herself together, She retrieves the quiet voices, the frightened hearts and the broken bodies. In the quiet and unseen dark, She sings over the bones of Her kin, bringing her beauties back to life with vigour and purpose. She is the Fierce Feminine whose now is NOW.  She does not bow down to societal demands and expectations as she has her own moral code. She demands fierce loyalty, asking that we keep our mind open, innocent and trusting. It is essential that this Fierce Force is given the space She requires to complete the purpose she has been called upon to do.

This workshop is a dedicated quest to find Her authentic voice and Act on Her behalf.  This workshop is for Men and Women.

Join Anaiya Sophia for her yearly visit to Glastonbury.  Subjects include:  Sacred Rage, Authentic Voice, Sovereign Sexuality, Speaking Truth to Power, Kali, the Dark Mother and the how the Fierce Feminine could guide us through our collective "Dark Night"

This workshop will include movement, voice, sharing, journeying, transmission and whatever else is needed!

Venue info:  Shekinashram, Dodd Lane, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK



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