Magdalene Temple Arts

Magdalene Temple Arts

Online Workshop 

17th December
Time schedule: 6 pm- 9 pm
Price: 25 EUR / 30 EUR / 40 EUR ( depends on time of payment)

I often imagine a place where the soul of one touches another. This exquisite meeting could be described as soul arousal, and even the mention of it is enough to bring about a cascade of light falling all around us. I sense that when you join an aroused soul with another aroused soul - then a wholly new human is born, leading eventually to completely newly wired and soulful species. When we find someone whose unique depth of love embodied matches our own then the explosion of energy is enough to bring forth so much more, unmeasurably more. To not discover this, is to not discover what more could come through us.  This is the gift that the presence of Mary Magdalene brings through my soul.

My journey with the soul began with a man!

When I was 12 years old, I saw a beggar sitting on the steps of the Sacre Coeur in Paris. I ran to him, and in 'that' moment every about me changed. I began searching for that face everywhere, occasionally glimpsing him or her in whisps of time.

My search led to religion and spirituality. I found what I was looking in the teachings of Christ and the Sacred Heart. As the years passed, it became time to meet the Dark Feminine and begin the descent into her Underworld. She taught me about heartbreak, grief and brokenness. She took away love and urged me to find down there, in that cold, black abyss. Eventually, I found it, in between the gasps of sorrow - a new gentle life, more gracious and delicate than the previous one.

My experience of the feminine is the commitment to love. To bring that heavenly presence to the ones who are ragged, broken, lonely and weary.  That is what I experienced on the steps of Sacre Coeur, a broken man, gazing upon me with a face lit up by love. That is what I saw; this is who I must now become...

My purpose, and what I share, is to escort others to that place of prayer that brings forth those magnitudes of love. The way I do this is with the spoken and written word. I have no technique or fail-safe methodology, I just turn to the Holy One, and Grace rains down upon us.

...it's not enough to receive but to take the transmission deep enough, that a mystery of your own appears.

And that mystery is for NOW!

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