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Mary Magdalene Mysteries - Budapest, Hungary

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Mary Magdalene Mysteries - Budapest, Hungary

Mary Magdalene Mysteries - Budapest, Hungary

September 29, 2019

The Shift Studio, Budapest, Hungary

Singles full fee:
GBP £ 80.00

The Mysteries (secrets) of Mary Magdalene, contains the ancient bloodline of Christ and the true heritage of the Holy Grail which leads us to discover Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Black Madonna in ways we couldn't possibly imagine.
This is an Oral Teaching that cannot and must not be written down.

There is an ancient matriarchal lineage, a gene that gets passed from mother to daughter since the beginning of time, that takes us back to the very first woman, and forward to who we are now. This feminine bloodline is sometimes called Star Fire. And has connections with the Holy Grail as a chalice of MARY (not Yeshua) made from one of the star's of SOPHIA'S crown, how the Blood and the Chalice are always inseparable, and how every Grail Keeper has always been female.

Let's begin with imagining

  • Mary Magdalene as being a descendant of the Queen of Sheba/Hatshepsut (female pharaoh) and King Solomon.
  • Mother Mary as being the Mother of more than one child, whose descendants are of a "Dragon" bloodline.
  • And finally, the Black Madonna as being Queen of the Underworld, the holder of the transfiguration process. 

Now, we are getting somewhere...

Towards the end a 'template' will be given - an energetic gift from the Mary's. 

One question you might want to ask yourself before joining is: Am I ready to face and stand for the truth? Could the living descendants of this bloodline live amongst us, and if so, do they know it? What happened to those who walked with the Mary's and received gnosis and slid under the radar - what if we are/were one of them? Would we do anything different? Once we receive this transmission - there is no going back.

"It is very difficult to pick the right words to define what I experienced during these last 9 weeks. It was a challenging journey that invited me to dive deep inside to a raw encounter with my very self, unravelling unexpected and beautiful transformation.  I felt very safe, supported and guided all along the journey in this very loving alchemical container that you beautifully created Anaiya. One question you might want to ask yourself before joining: Am I ready to face and stand in truth? Because once in there is no way back"


  • Week 1:  The Journey begins. We shall be starting at the beginning with Seth, the only offspring of Adam and Eve, that carried the 'enlivened' Blood. And how his offspring set in motion, a Bloodline of "Awakened Ones". In our first call, we shall follow that bloodline all the way through ancient Sumeria, Egypt, Palestine, France and England. 
  • Week 2:  Mary as Beloved. Discover the holy, erotic nature of the Magdalene and how she embodied the tantric Mary.
  • Week 3:  The First Witness: Unveil the Feminine Mysteries of this Royal Path.  
  • Week 4:  Mary as Madonna: Discover the real Virgin Light Power of the Mystical Madonna.  
  • Week 5:  Mother of God:  Experience the raw depths of the Mother-force,  that is NOT passive or weak, but adamantine in its grace
  • Week 6:  Mary as Black Virgin:  Meeting the Dark Night of the Soul 
  • Week 7:  Descent into the Underworld:  Discover the dark mother as Queen of the Underworld
  • Week 8:  Sacred Rage: If the Mary's were with us now?
  • Week 9:  Sacred Marriage: For you are the All, the Absolute and the Only. The Temple of Holy Love.

Every week you will be invited to the LIVE CALL, and we will provide you with recorded audio along with some suggested practises the following day. This course finishes on Monday 31st December 2018, with powerful and timely calls on Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve! 


Some participants from different time-zones or with conflicts in their schedules may be unable to attend the live weekly sessions. Please note that you will still get the utmost satisfaction from this course as you will have access to all the weekly recordings and weekly materials and assignments to review at your convenience. We encourage you to practice the reflective periods on your own as you choose through contemplation and journaling, or in discussions with friends or family.


Even if they miss the first live class, your friends can catch up with the recording and still join you on the journey! 

We're so looking forward to our journey together!


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