Mary's Mystery at Sainte Baume

Mary's Mystery at Sainte Baume, France

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Mary's Mystery at Sainte Baume, France

Mary's Mystery at Sainte Baume, France

28th May - 1st June, 2021

Sanctuaire de la Sainte-Baume, Plan-d'Aups-Sainte-Baume, France

This is a residential retreat - registration fees include accommodation, and breakfast and supper.

If you prefer to book your own accommodation elsewhere, please select "No accommodation" option during checkout - £333 per person

  • Venue: Sanctuaire de la Sainte-Baume
    2200, CD 80 Route de Nans
    83640 Plan-d'Aups-Sainte-Baume

Singles full fee:
GBP £ 690.00

Mary's Mystery at Sainte Baume


Beloved Friends, 

Are you ready for a Vision Quest? A time of deep, undisturbed gnosis with the Mysteries that dwell at Sainte Baume. This is going to be a gorgeously mystical retreat! Sainte Baume is a cave in the South of France where Mary Magdalene ended her earthly life. It is said that she lived the last years of her life as a hermit. However - she is still there today for all those who come to this grotto, in order to pray her, or are simply attracted by the beauty of this ‘Rock of Mercy”. It is known by the mystics that Sainte Baume carries a 3-stage initiation. 

  • The Path through the forest
  • The Surrender to the Cave of the Unknown
  • The ‘Yes” to the Ascension at the Higher Chapel

We will spend one at each stage of the Initiation, making our way steadily and gracefully toward our Revelation. There will be stories, transmissions, kundalini yoga, gnostic practises and the time and space needed to reflect upon what is happening to you, through you. 

There is a common phase that says “Mary was lifted up seven times a day by the angels”. These are the kinds of things that shall be revealed over the 5 days of our retreat together, and much much more!


Price includes accommodation at bottom of her Sanctuary and breakfast.  


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