Sacred Body Wisdom

Sacred Body Wisdom Retreat

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Sacred Body Wisdom Retreat

Sacred Body Wisdom Retreat

19th - 26th May, 2022

Les Contes, nr Montsegur, Ariege, Southern France

Singles full fee:
GBP £ 1,440.00

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GBP £ 500.00

Sacred Body Wisdom Retreat

Join me in a mystical retreat setting to experience a newly developed movement artistry called Sacred Body Wisdom.

Staying at Les Contes, my new home situated at the bottom of Montsegur, the last Cathar Stronghold in the French Pyrenees. This retreat promises to be nothing less than a full-body transformation.

This deeply, profoundly restful and expansive time together will provide a very deep and safe container to draw out of the body the stresses and strains of the epoch we are moving through. As we know, this level of intensity places the body, heart and soul under extreme duress. The trials and tribulations of these last years can either make or break a person… and it is these 'breakages' that I wish to comfort and make whole again.

This Facilitator Training will lead you into places and spaces within your own body where you can map the whole of your life's history using the language and understanding of gnostic embodiment.

I have been researching movement and consciousness for over two decades, especially the ability to release mind patterning, traumatic memories, and relationship blockades through touch, holding and movement. I believe we can powerfully restore our psychological processes and emotional well-being by approaching the dynamics of our close relationships through movement into the landscape of our souls. The wisdom within the body is fathomless in its ability to transform, transmute and heal.

Sacred Body Wisdom is a pure 'feminine' approach to moving past impasse, roadblocks and stuckness. Our emphasis will be on trust, safety, and the surrender needed to reach the parts of us damaged by spiritual warfare and its daily onslaught.

Moving through Embryology, Fetal development and our early formative years, we will remap the body and its foundational patterns. Accompanying us will be the most exquisite music, drenched with depth and deep feeling.

This retreat is open to men and women. It is slow, gentle, explorative and fresh. There will be group discussions to map and chart our progress with daily check-ins.

There will also be plenty of time to explore the region, seek out its sacred sites and be open to adventure and discovery.


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