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Sacred Body Awakening: Online Men & Women's Training

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Sacred Body Awakening: Online Men & Women's Training

Sacred Body Awakening: Online Men & Women's Training

25th July - 1st August 2020

Occitania, Southern France

Singles full fee:
GBP £ 890.00

Singles deposit fee:
GBP £ 250.00

Couples full fee:
GBP £ 1,500.00

Couples deposit fee:
GBP £ 500.00

A Retreat for Men and Women with Anaiya Sophia


Since 2015 I have been working alongside women with Sacred Body Awakening in both workshop and Facilitator Training formats. It has been a wild and fast-growing success, that has literally swept the planet.

But it is not the end vision.

There is a second step and another one after that, and I am ready to take that second step with you now.

The second step is the invitation and inclusion of Men, into the same quality of work and presence. The ultimate healing between the sexes AND sexual identifications. Here is an arena where we can heal the distrust and 'games' between the sexes AND the phobias and judgments between the gay and straight (and everything in between).

As you read these words, know that I am trying to describe a 'field' of yet untapped awareness, so my words hopelessly cannot grasp what wishes to come through us. All I can say is that it is very loving, very revelatory, absolutely clean and clear, and brings the embodiment processes that are so needed in this time, to help birth our consciousness into the Divine Human, that is neither male or female, but a wild ecstatic union of them both.

For way too long the male and the female have had insurmountable issues, that hark back to our earlier civilisations and the change over from Gods to Goddesses and back again.

We are moving into a new epoch where the male and female is going to birth something together, inside of themselves and outside of themselves and this birth shall create a wholly new way of being and becoming.

This gathering is in honour of that process and the quality of healing that is needed to make this so.

The nature of nature is that it grows in spirals. And deep in these bodies is the original spiral of being human.  Unified, whole. Now we live in an aftermath...where the memory of this vision is embedded in our bodies, and we are not free.

Her story, His story - continue to play us. We are living from a past legacy of separation.

He without his roots are never enough for her, and she without her roots lives as a man in a woman's body. Or dwells in the emotional chaos at the feet of the world, weeping for what it has become.

Rarely able to touch the unified source of each other. There is no saviour coming. It is time to stop living from that aftermath and birth this wholesome, unified man and woman - a new cycle must begin.

 - Aftermath, Peruquois.

When I first heard these lyrics, my heart burst and broke open.  I knew this was the state we were in, and I ached for union.  The words, 'there is no saviour coming' haunted me until I finally realised - we, are one another's saviour.  There is something in our bodies that unlocks the closed doors in the other.  It is embedded within our essence, and the loving conscious touch  - opens us past our current closedness.

Therefore, we have to have, or at least be willing to have:

  • No resistance to what is.
  • No tension.
  • Full acceptance.

I believe one of the ways we do this is to maintain our inner-connection to our sacredness, no matter what.

During this week of retreat, we will have the opportunity to do precisely that.  By coming together with a mature, responsible, loving, kind and truthful bunch of people, we will enter a field of exponential growth. This first Sacred Union Awakening will be the one that births a vision I have held inside of me for so long.  I have been working with women only for the last 6 years, and know now, it is time to extend this further, to include the men, - were an even deeper healing and harmony is available.

I am looking to gather an exceptional pioneering group of men and women (4 Men and 4 Women) to help me, warrior midwife this precious possibility.

Using the template of Sacred Body Awakening, we shall drop under the radar of everyday beingness, to dive into the greater depths of our being to recover and restore the most profound veins of our separation and distrust.  One of my hallmarks is 'vertical' service to the other.  Meaning I do my utmost to steer and guide the group's safe arrival to Truth and Revelation.  But I can only do with your help and agreement.

Every day we will begin with Sacred Union Yoga (based on Kundalini Kriyas),  and have a daily session in the Temple of Sacred Body Awakening.  Later that afternoon, we will explore the land, recognising our great need to return to harmony. By the end of the week, we will sleep the night in an Initiation Cave of the Cathars, which will almost certainly guarantee a direct experience of 'something only for you'.

Our exceptional work ends with a planting of a tree which 'seeds' the work within by ceremoniously marrying the land.


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