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Sacred Womb Awakening: Love, Language, Lineage - Skeeter Park, Ireland

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Sacred Womb Awakening: Love, Language, Lineage - Skeeter Park, Ireland

Sacred Womb Awakening: Love, Language, Lineage - Skeeter Park, Ireland

April 1st-2nd, 2023

Skeeter Park, New Line Road, Co. Wexford, Ireland

Singles full fee:
GBP £ 200.00

Sacred Womb Awakening: Love, Language, Lineage - Skeeter Park, Ireland

Sacred Womb Awakening is the feminine reclamation of Love, Language and Lineage destined for this time.

This somatic, deep, slow process of profound womanhood opens the inner horizons in our body where we discover the Lineage of our ancient past, the Love needed for our future, and the Language to bridge them. Our feminine body contains the Hall of Records, the emotional intelligence to access them and the Language that holds back any interference.

This work is streaming through the Lineage of SOPHIA, a self-proclaimed whore and virgin who came into this realm to emit Source Light to all living things. Mary Magdalene, a woman who anointed God, a Virgin woman full unto herself, a tower of faith. Norea, a secret pneumatic daughter of Eve, who burned down Noah's Ark, defeated the false god and whose descendants will enlighten humanity. It is these qualities of spirit that are looking to be here again.

One of the last people to embody these teachings was Mary Magdalene. She knew how to open the body to the primal Source and emanate Love throughout her Being. Sacred Womb Awakening softens the rigidity and dullness from the onslaught of patriarchal life and births the genuine restoration of the Feminine, whose voice and authority of spirit consistently balances the dark. The Womb is the container of divine procreative energy that births both physical and non-physical offspring. For this journey of pure awakening to be complete, some elements are essential. There needs to be trust— deep trust. There needs to be love, both erotic and Divine love. And there needs to be God, not some off-planet deity or abstract field, but a real, live Soul of Father/Mother who is a Beloved, so the waves of longing, ecstasy and devotion may awaken into a boiling cauldron of rapturous illumination and obliteration. Once this journey begins to take shape and form, then one finds oneself entering the Womb— the deep, primordial blackness that contains the mystical elements of sexuality and its unspoken doorway into other dimensions and realms of existence.

This work transcends all cultures, ages, colours, creeds, religions and genders- and heals 'his-story'.

This long-awaited union of our inner and outer Being anoints what the Light reveals as Shadow and still bestows us with serenity to say yes to the ultimate triumph of good. This is something the patriarchy has feared for a very long time, but alas, is happening now in great numbers. It's not enough to pray for Heaven on Earth. We now have to become it. And Sacred Womb Awakening is genuinely one of those ways.

The 3 Day Workshop will include the following:

  • The Three Constellations of Sacred Womb Awakening
  • Sacred Body Wisdom (self-practise)
  • The ability to bring this work to your friends and family
  • A vast wave of Source Light
  • A recognisable Awakening

Keys to integrating this Training:

  • Be open to learning something new
  • Allow yourself to be trained and guided through this process
  • Have no fixed ideas of what this should be and how it must look


  • Price:  £200
  • Timings: 10am - 6pm both days, Saturday and Sunday
  • Accommodation is your own responsibility and is not included in the registration fee
  • Venue: Skeeter Park
    New Line Road
    Co. Wexford, Ireland
  • Organiser:  Deirdre Hannon deidrehannon@hotmail.com
    Ph: 00353 874157541
    Available on both WhatsApp or Facebook messenger also

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