Sex: the Conversation We're Not Having

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Sex: the Conversation We're Not Having

Sex: the Conversation We're Not Having

August 2-9. 2018


Couples full fee:
GBP £ 1,600.00

Couples deposit fee:
GBP £ 500.00

Sex: the Conversation We're Not Having

After a recent video, Anaiya and I put out entitled "Sex: The conversation we're not having" in which we took up a difficult subject of the missing lovemaking between us we got a huge feedback from couples all over the world just like us.

Far from having all the answers or even many of them, we're inviting 5 couples to join us for a week at our home in Pyrenean France to have a look and a listen to what is going on... or rather, what's not and more to the point why or why not.

In a space held by us and putting all of our skills together: Kundalini Yoga, Bodywork, Walks in nature, Visits to local historical sites - Cathars, Mary Magdalene, Knight's Templar, Christian and Pagan places-   prayer and meditation, joy and laughter and plenty of spontaneous magic are all on the menu.

About Pete Wilson

Pete is an ex-infantry solder (Grenadier Guards) with a 30-year background in Mountain Activities such as Cross-Country Skiing, Skiing, as well as Climbing, Kayaking and Mountain Biking. He is well equipped for any kind of unexpected situation, keeping a cool head at all times. (“I can vouch for that” – says Anaiya).

About Anaiya Sophia

Anaiya is a yoga teacher of nearly 20 years, and an author of six books on the Sacred Feminine. She has an extensive knowledge of the local region, especially the myths, legends and traditions. She is a natural adventurer and is at home when she is outdoors.

Each group will be limited to 5 couples.

  • Nearest Airports:  Carcassonne or Toulouse
  • Nearest Train Station: Carcassonne
  • Retreat Begins: 5pm
  • Retreat Finishes:  10am
  • We can pick you up and drop you off at the airport.  Toulouse is a 2 hr drive (€80) and Carcassonne 1hr (€60).

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