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SOPHIA, Gnosis, Wisdom: Land of the Cathars

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SOPHIA, Gnosis, Wisdom: Land of the Cathars

SOPHIA, Gnosis, Wisdom: Land of the Cathars

20th - 27th May, 2022

Les Contes, Ariege, Southern France

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Knowledge without Love is dead.

A Secret Wisdom abides in the French Pyrenees where Great Initiates remain to guard this Ancient Wisdom as a sacred trust.

In the past, as soon as this highest knowledge was revealed, it was cast into the fire. And those who presented these priceless gifts became subjected to severe condemnation.

Humanity has always been ready to turn any Messenger into an outcast. And yet, the Sons and Daughters of Light continue to leave profound traces of our origins waiting to be rediscovered in secret repositories.

The French Pyrenees is one of those places. Concealed in impenetrable mountains and fathomless caves, this ancient wisdom is guarded by mysterious powers. Physical flesh cannot endure the force that can rise like a wall when approached with ill intent. To gain access to this wellspring, one needs to pass through many lives with a loving heart and a pure soul. When the time comes, worthy candidates for discipleship may be summoned to the resplendent abode where they would be entitled to come into contact with the Highest Knowledge and Wisdom.

Our time together will bring us to the Temple door and see whether it will open. This week together would be a deep dive into the Mysteries concealed within the French Pyrenees. There will be overnight stays in caves, night-time vigils and pushing the envelope just that little bit more.

Using Les Contes as a base, we would venture out each day, dropping deep into the Mystery of the land, eventually piecing together a week-long vision quest of a lifetime.

Open to Men and Women.


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