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Taking the War Out of Man - Eglinton, Ireland

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Taking the War Out of Man - Eglinton, Ireland

Taking the War Out of Man - Eglinton, Ireland

24th October 2020

North Star Well-being Centre, Eglinton, Northern Ireland

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Taking the War Out of Man - Eglinton, Ireland

  • Venue: North Star Well-being Centre, Eglinton, Northern Ireland - https://northstarwellbeing.com/
  • Times:  10:00 am – 5:00 pm
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 Join Anaiya in Budapest as she reveals the Temple Mysteries known as “Taking the War out of Man”. This piece of the puzzle can only be understood in the Sacred Action of actually doing it. This is the priceless mystery of this work.

“Taking the War out of Man” is a term for an ancient process from the days of the Temple. Priestesses undertook this deep and skilful healing to facilitate the return of the men in body, mind and spirit after a long, drawn-out war. The men were invited to pass through the Temple doors before returning home to their wives and children. This was a natural and normal way of life. The Priestesses were regarded as holy women even in their sexuality, and they were known as handmaidens of the Mother; they were not seen as a threat. The men left the nightmare of the battlefield and passed through the temple doors with the full permission and deep gratitude of their families, who knew this work was essential, sacred and of the highest integrity.
Inside the temple walls, a Priestess would bathe, soothe, comfort and anoint all of a man’s wounds— physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. As she worked, she would expand her magnetic field to absorb the man’s wounded energy, literally drawing the effects of war out of his system—all fragmented memories, fearful thoughts and hidden traumas. Thus, through the power and purity of her energy field and her feminine womb, she would gently and tenderly love him back into wholeness.
This profound healing was gifted to man, not because the Priestess took on his wounds, but because she could transmute his suffering with the purity and power of her radiance. The luminosity of these Temple prostitutes was of the highest light, not because they were gifted or special, though they were trained, but because they loved with all of their body. Their connection to the Mother was unsullied and pure, and hence their being was incorruptible and deeply comforting.
Now, in this age, the 'war' is within the man's mind and the disconnection from his heart, and the many forms of intimacy. The "War" is man's addiction to divide, judge, condemn, distrust, control and revolt against the feminine aspects of like, that include the natural world, and any other competitive threat from other men.
This endless conflict causes internal turmoil which, as well as the fragmented aspects of trauma after a real confrontation with battle, shock, natural disaster, abuse and neglect, totally weighs heavy upon the quality of a man's life. 
It is time to share this ancient practice, as I believe it to be an innate feminine ability that has 'almost' been lost and God knows our men, need us to find it. 

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