Mysteries of the White Rose

White Rose Mystery Retreat

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White Rose Mystery Retreat

White Rose Mystery Retreat

21st - 28th April, 2022

Les Contes, Southern France

Singles full fee:
GBP £ 1,440.00

White Rose Mystery Retreat

2022 ushers in the re-emergence of a Mystery School these mountains have known since time immemorial. The White Rose Mystery School does not need or seek permission or recognition from any other source. Many have walked this path leaving profound traces of their Wisdom in secret repositories located in the mountains of the Pyrenees. These priceless gifts can be revealed to the world only when people can discern goodness from selfishness and distribute the treasure solely for the good of their neighbours. This Wisdom Tradition is concealed in impenetrable mountains and guarded by mysterious powers that intimately sense the history of the seeker.

This week together will also prepare you for Stepping into Ministry. The White Rose is an active lineage of service, whose primary purpose is to reawaken your true calling. 

Three primary directives reveal the lineage of this tradition:

  • To hold back the evil of the world
  • To renew the world and midwife its redemption
  • To participate in the healing of the world.

The White Rose is an emblem for now. The Rose symbolises the one who has "Rose" from the dead or ignorance of the body and its hidden dimensions. This week together will be spent visiting daily sacred sites, where different bodies of work will emerge. Each day a different place, a different theme, culminating at the end of the week with an ordination ceremony if one feels ready. 

Anaiya Sophia, an ordained minister has recently undertaken the responsibility of re-establishing the White Rose Mystery School. A Mystery School facilitated by the land and anointed by mystical fire. Continuing with the work that Mary Magdalene left behind in France, this Mystery School ceaselessly watches over the world, proclaiming the mysteries as a form of protection from a disastrous fate.

The White Rose Mystery School unravels as an initiatory process of ever-deepening levels of experience. The locations of this mystery school are scattered throughout the Occitan region of Southern France and Northern Spain. The gates of these depositories open wide, like a book, ready to endow the emerging sacred heart with timely knowledge, that in turn, will distil into Wisdom.

There will also be an overnight in a cave. 

The cost includes accommodation at Anaiya's new home, Les Contes.  All meals (vegetarian and vegan) are prepared by Rourke, our live-in chef, daily excursions, daily sacred body wisdom, and an all-out adventure. There are also options for Walking With Goats, Piggy Therapy and Man Chat with Pete. 




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